Derrick Rose ACL Knee Injury (Video)

derrick rose torn acl
(Credit: Getty Images)

This should be a happy time for the Bulls, they won their first play-off game against the 76ers, but everyone is more concerned with the loss of Derrick Rose.

According to a release issued by the Chicago Bulls, Rose tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL, and will not be able to play for the rest of the season.

The injury occurred in the last moments of the game when the Bulls had pretty much already won. In the forth quarter the Bulls had a twelve point lead and as Rose was attempting to turn it into a 16 point lead, he landed on his foot the wrong way, fell to the ground and grabbed his knee. It was clear to see that the player was in severe pain.

At first the medical team thought he had hurt his ankle, but after Rose continue to grab his knee they examined the injured area.

Fans of the team are wondering why coaches left Rose in the game. If he had been taken out he could have avoided such an injury.

“I just feel bad for him, man. He really can’t catch a break this year,” said teammate Carlos Boozer  said to NBC who scored nine points in the game and had seven rebounds. He referred to Chicago’s win against Philadelphia as the “saddest win ever.”

“Every time he gets going – like tonight, he almost has a triple-double – this happens. I just feel bad for him. Our prayers are with him, constantly, and again, we’re hoping for the best right now.”

Although coach Tom Thibodeau is facing much of the blame for Rose’s injury he defends himself by saying to NBC, “I don’t work backwards like you guys [media] do.” Thibodeau doesn’t coach based on what injuries might happen, he coaches so that his team will win.

Take a look at the video which shows Rose injure his knee and taking him out of the play-offs: