The Mother of All Harlem Shake Videos

Harlem Shake Videos

Harlem Shake Videos

This has been buzzing already a bit, so normally, it would be past it’s prime for this column.

I like to be more hipstery about what I Buzz about. God forbid I ever jump the shark.

Or shave my perpetual stubble.

Or stop wearing Wayfarers.

Or stop making stereotypical hipster references.

But this. This lovely trend is still in its prime, and this new variation brings it all into perspective.

So, here we go…

If you’ve seen one “Harlem Shake” video, you’ve seen them all. Right?

(No. The answer is no.)

But who has time?! Who can sit and watch dozens of Harlem Shake videos, ESPECIALLY when they have to dig out of 213 feet of snow, amirite Suffolk County??

Well, here’s a lifesaver. A non-literal, literal lifesaver.


Wait. Do you even know what I’m taklking (writing) about? If so, skip to the video at the end. (Well, you can watch this one first if you want to, but you don’t have to.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking (writing) about, this will provide proper (and awesome) background:

So, now that you are armed with all the knowledge you will need to proceed, without further ado, the Mother of all Harlem Shake videos: