The Rundown – July 2013

Manhattanhenge1. EXPERIENCE MANHATTANHENGE: For four to five minutes on July 12th and 13th you’ll have a clear view of the Manhattan sunset. Derived from Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with the stones on the solstices, Manhattanhenge happens twice per year, when the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets of Manhattan’s main street grid above 14th Street. At sunset, around 8:15 p.m., the sun will fully illuminate every cross street from the west, and for the entire day, there will be perpendicular shadows that exactly line up with sidewalks, street corners and painted lines. The best places for photos and viewing—and the worst places to drive—are along 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th Streets.

Type n Walk2. DOWNLOAD TYPE N WALK: Text and walk responsibly with this app for iPhone that displays a transparent view of what’s directly in front of you while texting, updating Facebook or posting to Twitter. The app is also great for spying on your surroundings when you’re sitting or standing.

ManCandle3. BURN MAN CANDLES: While the Yankee Candle Company is known for delicious scents like Pumpkin Pie, Birthday Cake, Juicy Peach and Coconut Bay, the wax giant has entered the not-so-girly market of Man Candles—and yes, they really call them that. These masculine scents include Riding Mower (Freshly Cut Grass), Mmm Bacon!, Movie Night (Popcorn), First Down (Leather Football), Man Town (Musk) and 2×4 (Wood).

4. VISIT SANGER.DK: Having a bad day? Not anymore. We’re not going to tell you anything else. Just go here. You’re welcome.

instapaper5. USE INSTAPAPER.COM: Available in website and application form, Instapaper allows you to save online articles for later reading. When you find something you want to read but you don’t have time, bookmark it, then pull it up on your computer, tablet or Kindle on the go.

Eauplaydoh6. WEAR EAU DE PLAYDOH: It’s exactly what it sounds like—a cologne that smells like Play-Doh. Remind yourself of your carefree childhood with this scent on your wrists as you type for nine hours straight while sitting in a squeaky, armless chair at your desk job. It’s only $20.

DairyQueen7. GO TO DAIRY QUEEN: Alas, Long Island, the Blizzard giant hits our shores. No more cursing at those people in the Brownie Batter commercial, hoping their tongues get caught in the beaters, no. So, what will it be?  Oreo. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mint. CheeseQuake. Snickers. Reese’s. Banana Split. Choco Cherry Love. Midnight Truffle. S’mores. Figure it out at DQ’s new and only LI location—Sunrise Highway in Massapequa. Then sign up for a gym membership.

The Hero8. TIVO THE HERO: Watch a bunch of everyday people (including Marty, a construction worker from Long Island) turn into superheroes by performing insanely terrifying stunts for your viewing pleasure. Hosted by The Rock, contestants are tested “physically, mentally and morally” while competing for cash and the title of “Hero.” Thursdays at 8 p.m. on TNT.

pet hoodie9. GET YOUR DOG A HOODIE: This hooded pullover with long sleeves will make your dog look like a cat burglar. Made from a soft cotton knit, these doggie sweaters are created by RockinDogs on Etsy. Look at that puppy. We dare you not to make your I-just-saw-something-cute face. Then head over to Bethpage Ballpark on July 5 for their first Bark in the Park event to take in a ball game with your best friend in tow.

oreo10. Try New Oreos: Watermelon, Lemon, Rainbow Shure, Bert!, Neopolitan and more unique flavors are in limited supply for the summer. Try ’em!