Long Beach Offers Barrier Beach Banquet

From beginning to end, dining at Atlantica at the Allegria is superb.

Too often we patronize national chain stores and not local momand-pop stores — but that’s not a problem in Long Beach!

Lido Kosher Delicatessen has been family owned, under strict supervision, on the East End of Long Beach for more than 70 years, and by the current owner, Wally Goetz, for more than 30. He comes from a long line of kosher food purveyors.

At the entrance is the take-out counter, the grill behind it with the hot dogs cooking, and the showcase of the house-prepared foods. In the full-service dining area, enjoy bowls of pickles and fresh, homemade cole slaw. Order that corned beef, pastrami, or brisket piled high. The pastrami and corned beef are cured by the family in their own plant.

The deli provides free delivery to many local areas, ships orders to almost anywhere nationwide and offers a catering menu of freshly prepared kosher foods to satisfy all palates. Wally also joins the growing array of food trucks on Riverside Boulevard at the beach – the Shoregasboard Food Court.

A hot dog costs $3.99. Add a knish for $3.99. Try the lunch specials seven days a week. There are even vegan options.

Jeff loves the pastrami and never varies. His friend, Dan, is crazy over the Meshugana – brisket with mashed potato on scooped-out garlic bread with a side of gravy.

Some may like chains, but we like the locals. Lido Kosher Deli is a true relic.

Lido Kosher Delicatessen. 641 ½ East Park Ave., Long Beach. Phone 516-431-4411. Appetizers are $3.99-$9.99. Sandwiches are $11.45-$17.95. Complete dinners are $22.95-$27.95. Salad platters are $12.95-$22.95. Open daily for lunch, dinner, delivery, and takeout.

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Lido Deli


Maxwell’s in Islip is putting the “fun” in Sunday. Starting at 11:30 a.m., the boozy brunch kicks-off and the DJ starts spinning. Try the fork and knife hungry man sandwich and the berries-stuffed French toast.

The Flour Shoppe Cafe of Rockville Centre, where everything is farm fresh and made in-house, has plans to open two more locations. Stay tuned!


Picture a perfect summer day with French doors wide open overlooking the boardwalk as the ocean breeze rolls in. That is what diners experience at Atlantica at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach.

With breathtaking ocean views and beautiful décor, this is the perfect spot on the beach. The restaurant is undergoing a rebirth and under new management. Couple this with food and service that is attentive, yet not pretentious.

We arrived and were greeted by a hostess who sat us immediately. Stuart Fast has been the food and beverage manager for over a year. He had experience in the restaurant business and knows how to train a staff to ensure patrons are well taken care of.

Enjoy the seasonal menus created by Executive Chef John Maffei, who previously worked for the Hyatt organization. After its opening, Atlantica catered to tourists, but under this management, it has been focusing on the community.

We started with seven huge shrimp, lightly poached in Prosecco, bursting with flavor, supremely tender and accompanied with a cocktail sauce. The Caesar salad was done with a light dressing with carrot croutons instead of heavy bread croutons, as part of the gluten-free selections that will be expanded.

Jeff is always searching for the perfect hamburger and could not resist their short rib and brisket burger blended in-house. The generous portion of meat is hugged by Vermont cheddar cheese, served on a hearty bun with lettuce and tomato, and joined with freshly cut French fries.

Vera loves osso bucco and enjoyed the tender lamb shank braised in Pinot Noir wine. They accommodated her request to switch the potato side to bok choy, which was a great combination.

Each was perfectly prepared and beautifully presented. There were many choices to end the perfect meal. We chose the apple tartlet served with vanilla ice cream and ginger slivers.

Atlantica at the Allegria, 80 West Bwy., Long Beach. Phone 516-992-3730. Dinner appetizers from $10-18 and entrees from $20-$34. Wines by the glass are from $9 to $14. Bottles start at $34. Open daily for breakfast and dinner, lunch Monday through Saturday and Sunday Brunch.

Jeff is a practicing attorney. Vera is a retired school teacher. Both love Long Island food and wine and are delighted to share their discoveries with you. Contact them [email protected]