Ex-Met Ed Kranepool Selling Memorabilia After Kidney Transplant

Ex-Mets first baseman Ed Kranepool hopes to score a new kidney.
Ex-Mets first baseman Ed Kranepool.

New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool is selling sports memorabilia from his Syosset home this summer to help pay his medical bills after undergoing a kidney transplant in May.

He has been selling memorabilia to fans and collectors, giving others a chance to enjoy some of the precious items he collected, such as plaques from his countless days of charity work.

“We were always raising money for something,” Kranepool previously told the Press.

The announced sale comes as the Mets commemorate the 50th anniversary of their miracle World Series upset win over the Orioles. Steady Eddie was among those on the roster who recently gathered to mark the momentous win.

Now, Kranepool is offering a limited number of collectors the opportunity to visit him at his home on Long Island to examine and purchase unique Mets and Yankees Sports memorabilia directly from his collection.

The items for sale are autographed vintage photos, autographed assorted team and individual baseballs, great baseball memorabilia from different teams, as well as unsigned, never been seen before personal photos from his days while he was with the Mets for his 17-year career.

Those interested can make appointments between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, as well as some weekends by calling Martin Gover of Momentum Sports Management, Inc. at 212-918-4545.