Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry Opens Flagship Store in Greenvale

charles krypell fine jewelry
Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry has opened in Greenvale. (Photo courtesy Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry)

For nearly four decades, Brookville resident Charles Krypell’s jewelry has been sold at top retail stores and boutiques across the country.

Now, the designer has planted his business on the North Shore of Long Island, where he’s lived for 25 years. The flagship store of Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry opened this week at 25 Northern Blvd. in Greenvale. Evan Krypell, Charles’ son and the company’s director of retail operations, says the shop brings them a fresh avenue in which to engage with people about Charles’ jewelry.

“Charles loves dealing with the consumer,” Evan, of Centre Island, says. “Being in wholesale for so many years, you don’t get much interaction with the final customer. We built our store to create a one-on-one purchasing experience.”

Quite literally, Charles and Evan dictated the design of the building and had it built “to suit the store.”

“It has almost a residential feel — warm, comforting and inviting,” Evan says. “When people come in here, there’s no pretension. We want anyone, no matter what their budget is, to feel comfortable coming here.”

Seventy percent of the store’s stock is Charles’ designs, while the rest are other jewelry brands of his choosing. Prices run the gamut from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry is able to custom-manufacture diamond rings now, as well. The designer is offering bridal boutique jewelry services to create a bride’s dream ring based on ideas she’s seen or any other additions she might want.

Customers will also have the option to reserve the store an hour before or after it opens for a one-on-one consultation. Evan says they’ll be making house calls if people are uncomfortable leaving their homes at this time.

Overall, “We want to be in control” of selling to the customer, he says, and are excited about opening so close to home.

“We’ve developed countless relationships within the community,” Evan says. “We love the community and wanted to offer a fresh, new option in the area.”

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