We hope these adorable bios and pictures will help purrsuade you to head down to your local animal shelter or rescue and bring home your new best friend.

Available for adoption at Tender Loving Cats


This beautiful 2-year-old girl named Camile is simply gorgeous with her white coat with some brown spots. Camile is the most mellow, mild-mannered cat who gets along with everyone. She loves human interaction and gets along with other cats. Her owner got evicted and she was going to be put on the street. TLC has given Camile this chance to find her loving home. Camile would do best with an experienced cat owner and no young children in the house.


Claire was rescued along with her one surviving kitten on a freezing day in February. A kind family took them inside to keep them warm until they could be rescued. Claire is a wonderfully sweet kitty. She is gentle, affectionate and loves to cuddle. Claire is also cat friendly. She can be shy at first but warms up quickly.

To adopt Camile or Claire, complete and adoption application at

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Shhh … Whisper is a 7-to-8-month-old girl who came to the animal shelter as part of the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. This fluffy lady can be a little shy when you first meet her, but once she learns to trust you, she is as friendly as can be! She enjoys spending her time hiding but will open up and be very affectionate when around people and animals she trusts. Whisper would do best in a quiet home with other calm cats or dogs.

If you are interested in meeting Whisper, call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption through AlleyKatz Rescue

Current AlleyKatz Rescue has a ton of adorable cats that would love to go home with you today. Just to name a few, there’s Callie who is described as a sweet petite cat who is vocal, friendly and affectionate.

Braveheart is shy and skittish and desperately wants to make friends but is scared. He needs a quiet and gently patient person to help him live up to his name.

Then there’s handsome Tux. This long-haired affectionate fella loves head rubs and neck scratches.

Another cat named Goldie is more of a rub-against-your-leg kind-of gal.

Then there’s Queen who is the most affectionate of the group. She’ll claim your lap as hers and can even keep you company outside if you keep her close enough!


If you’re looking for an 8-month-old lovebug, then Biscuit is the cat for you. Biscuit gets along well with cats but not so much with dogs or kids for now.

To adopt any of these purrfectly fabulous felines, fill out an application at or email for more information.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


When local heroes found 2-year-old Franny (Adoption #L80612) abandoned, they leapt into action to secure her a safe spot where she could learn to trust humans. Time and patience in a space to herself have yielded the best results; a once timid Franny is now robust with playful energy! NSALA is delighted to witness her transformation and want an experienced adult home to make every day as joyful for her as she’s each for us.  A quiet, consistent household is all Franny needs to find success in what will be her first happy, loving home. Franny can feel easily overwhelmed in the presence of other pets, so if you’re looking for only one cat to fill up the spaces in your heart, Franny wants you all to herself!


Three-year-old Zena (Adoption #BF3744) left behind a dangerous life outdoors and traded up for a zen life in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. No complications for this warrior princess. Zena wants an easy happily-ever-after where she gets to be part of your loving family. Although she’s living peacefully with mild mannered roommates, she’d be just as content if she had you to yourself. Zena would love to become your pampered princess! Come visit her North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington campus and ask to meet this brave little girl.


Best buddy Zuke (Adoption #E3402) might be one of the bravest from his rescue. NSALA vets diagnosed this six-year-old with a heart condition and because he’s so special to all of the Animal League America caretakers, they made him part of their Sponsor program, so he’ll be monitored and cared for through the rest of his life. This means there is no cost for his medical care through NSALA Pet Health Centers. Our sponsors agree Zuke deserves the very best and are proud to provide him security so a new family can focus on spoiling him.  Zuke has proven a devoted friend to his shyer acquaintances, offering them his big spoon talents when they need some comfort. Zuke is looking for a home that has a feline friend for him to share his life—and what a lucky friend to be loved by Zuke!

Haile G

Three-year-old Haile G (Adoption #E3405) needed time to cross the finish line, and at Animal League America we’re all about giving time to our shyer friends because we know it leads to brighter futures. Haile’s previous life was unpredictable and treacherous. Getting to know us has allowed this quiet boy to begin realizing how nice a good, long ear rub feels and how awesome it is to have a human to depend upon. Although Haile has shared his life with lots of cats, he’s open to any quiet family with children (age 12 and older, please) who can continue to build up his confidence. A great love affair between you two begins with ear rubs. If you’ve had experience with shy cats, you’re going to know exactly what he needs from you—your patient, open heart.


Six-year-old Josie (Adoption #H207462) has a lot to adjust to after the hardship of losing her home, but time and patience are the specialties at Animal League America. Josie is looking for a human whose heart is bursting with love who will provide Josie the safety she craves and the time she needs to reacclimatize to home living. A feline-experienced home (with kids age 12 and older) and no other pets will have this timid beauty seeking out more attention from you in no time. If you’d like to be the hero Josie deserves, please ask about meeting her today.


Arriving all the way from Oman, 1-year-old Archie (Adoption #IR1332) would love to chat with you about his adventures! This very vocal boy has plenty to say about the wild ride he’s lived so far, but most importantly, he’d like to make sure you treasure him as much as he’ll treasure the pleasure of being your one and only. Because of his sensitivity adjusting to new situations, Archie is seeking a home where he’s the only pet (and any children in the household be age 12 and up) so he can focus all of his attention on settling in to the comfortable life he deserves. He feels he’s fought hard enough to get to where he is today and wants the rest of his life to be smooth sailing—and ear rubs. Lots and lots of ear rubs. Because how could you resist ears as incredible as his!


Believe it or not, Ripley (Adoption #NCI2536) needs a home! This gorgeous 1-year-old tuxedo boy has a personality that surpasses his good looks. NSALA is completely smitten by his attentive personality and so are his feline roommates. Looking for the purrfect solution to your lonely heart? Ripley believes you’re the right choice for him!

Big Ben

Big Ben (Adoption #BF3939) is here to tell you it’s time to welcome a new best friend into your life. Ben’s enormous cheeks are there for rubbing yet they’re nothing compared to the size of his heart. This beautiful two-year-old boy traveled all the way from South Carolina with hope in his heart that you’d fall in love with him (like everyone as Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center has.) Want to make an easy decision today that will yield a lifetime of love and gratitude? Come visit Big Ben today!

If you’d like to meet or adopt any one of these adorable adoptables, please email for more information or come down for a visit at their Port Washington campus.

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!

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