OpEd: Let’s Get George Santos Out of Office

george santos
Concerned residents gather and rally outside George Santos’ district office calling on him to resign or be expelled from Congress on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023.
Photo by Paul Frangipane

Re: Nassau Republicans Urge George Santos to Resign

Dear Editor, 

It is a true shame that the voters of NY-3 were overwhelmingly unaware of George Santos’ fabrications, cons, and character prior to the November election. I was an intern with Robert Zimmerman’s campaign and am still working with our campaign community to spearhead efforts against the Congressman. He is clearly already an ineffective community leader considering he seems to be having a hard time being accepted onto committees on account of his unethical behavior. His district office has not even opened yet. Tom Suozzi’s name still hangs over the door. Santos lied his way to Congress, and his constituents are demanding a do-over in the form of a special election. 

The silver lining here is the fact that he is receiving scrutiny bipartisanly. This could be a deciding factor in either having him removed from Congress or ideally caving to pressure to resign. Very little gets done in the political sphere when only one party pushes for change. Politicians and organizers have to work across the aisle in making efforts. 

Indeed, in grassroots organization efforts, many fueled-up people are needed. Although they have the best of intentions, they often don’t know how to get started (I am guilty of this too). But given my time with Robert Zimmerman’s campaign community, I have learned that the following strategies can be employed in this case: 

  • Go to “whoisgeorgesantos.com. It contains a letter to Kevin McKarthy urging him to launch a Congressional investigation into George Santos. 
  • Sign the petition by Jody Finkel demanding George Santos resign. 
  • Join the Facebook group “Hold George Santos Accountable!” for updates on the movement, such as future protests. 
  • Consistently contact his Washington DC office and his Douglaston office (once it finally opens). 
  • Urge state and local representatives to get involved. 
  • Spread the word about the movement to friends, family, and by using social media.
  • Writing letters to editors, like this one.

If George Santos believes that his constituents will forgive him of his transgressions, he is mistaken. We will continue to organize. We will grow louder. And if he is unwise enough to go back on his word to not run for office again, he will not be re-elected.