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Long Island Will Be A Hotbed of Politics in 2014 –...

Partisan politics will put Long Island voters in the crosshairs in 2014.

Kathleen Rice to Run for Congress

"I'm running because we need more independent problem solvers in Congress."

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Not Seeking Re-election

The congresswoman and gun-control advocate was first elected 17 years ago after her husband was killed in the Long Island Rail Road massacre.

Gun Control Debate Ricochets on Long Island

"Until we do everything we possibly can to reduce gun violence in America, this issue will always be important.”

Nancy Pelosi Coming to Long Island Gay Gala

“We are thrilled to be honoring ... Pelosi for her decades of heroic leadership and advocacy on behalf of the GLBT community"

State of the Union Addresses Long Island Issues

Among the many issues the president delved into Tuesday night were immigration, veterans affairs, climate change and gun control, all of which concern Long Islanders.

Obama Announces Gun Control Proposal

“We can’t put this off any longer."