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The veteran Long Island Democrat leaves after eight terms in Congress and now the race is on to succeed him.

“Say ‘yes’ to everything. Men do. Don’t let anyone else decide your potential.”

“At the very core of America’s invention and creation there is this clear prejudice against people of color, and that’s part of America’s original birth defect.”

On the fifteenth anniversary of legendary march, mothers across the country are still inspired, enraged, and more coordinated than ever.

Kathleen Rice's chief deputy took over for her boss on the day Kathleen Rice took her congressional seat.

Oheka Castle owner shot in head, toxic waste dumped in Islip parks, Islanders sold, Ronald Bower freed from prison, among so much more.

She beat her GOP rival to become the second woman ever to represent Long Island in Congress.

"We have come together as allies focused on keeping this seat in progressive Democratic hands."

Democratic and Republican party nominees won their spot on November ballots in five Long Island congressional primary races Tuesday.

“There is the possibility of a primary contest."