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Alure Home Improvements’ ’60 Second Fix:’ How To Clean Grout

Grout is the mortar or paste used for filling the gaps between floor and wall tiles. After a while, just like anything in your house, it gets pretty dirty. Alure Home Improvements teaches how to properly clean grout.

How To Drill A Hole In Tile With Little Clean Up,...

Cleaning up after drilling through bathroom tile is a breeze when all the dust falls right into a paper cup taped to the wall.

Alure Home Improvements Instructs How To Properly Drill A Hole Through...

“Make sure that your measurements are specific, because once you’re drilling in tile, it’s impossible to patch. It’s not like sheetrock.”

How To Cut A Hole In Sheetrock For An Electrical Outlet...

“Today I’m going to show you how to cut the box out.”

How To Remove A Cabinet Drawer With Alure Home Improvements

“You used to be able to just tilt it and pull it out. These actually have a connection underneath.”

Alure Home Improvements Sheds Light On How To Install A Dimmer...

Learning how to install a dimmer switch in your bathroom opens up a roomful of lighting possibilities.

Learn How To Unclog Sink Drains With Alure Home Improvements

Those pop-up drains in the sink do indeed tend to get choked up—and we don’t mean emotionally!

Alure Home Improvements Reveals The Secrets Of Repairing Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust...

“Don’t be afraid to pull it. The cover will pop up.”

How To Replace Cabinet Knobs and Pulls With Alure Home Improvements

Changing the hardware on cabinets is easier than you might think.

Alure Home Improvements Teaches How To Patch Holes In Sheetrock

Learning how to patch a hole in Sheetrock is a piece of cake if you have the right teacher.