How To Remove A Cabinet Drawer With Alure Home Improvements

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Alure Home Improvements Chief Operating Officer Doug Cornwell Doug Cornwell instructs how to properly remove a cabinet drawer on a recent episode of Alure’s “60-Second Fix: How To Remove Your Cabinet Drawers.”
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Are you wondering how to remove your cabinet drawer? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to Doug Cornwell, chief operating officer of Alure Home Improvements, you will quickly learn all you need to know about how to properly remove a cabinet drawer. And, just as important, he’ll instruct you on the right way to put it back.

You think it’s easy? Maybe it used to be, but not since progress made the life of the cabinet drawer far more complicated. Today, many modern drawers—especially those in higher-end cabinets and fancy furniture—have a pair of under-mounted drawer slides that are fully concealed in order to showcase the quality of the wooden drawers’ construction. These slides glide along tracks, also known as runners, which hold the slide’s rollers into place to promote smooth-running action.

The old drawer assemblies didn’t rely on these advancements.

“The way drawer runners are made today a lot of them are bottom-mount,” Cornwell explains.

“You used to be able to just tilt it and pull it out,” he adds. “These actually have a connection underneath.”

In this recent installment of Alure Home Improvements’ “60-Second Fix: How To Remove Your Cabinet Drawers,” Cornwell begins by reaching under the fully extended drawer with both hands.

As the video shows, underneath the drawer are two orange locking devices. They are positioned on each runner near the front of the cabinet drawer. Their purpose is to prevent someone from unthinkingly opening the drawer so fast it slides all the way out and spills its contents on the floor by your feet. If it’s a kitchen drawer filled with knives, that removal can be a little dicey. So there’s a reason drawers have adopted this technology. But mastering the technique may take a few more moments of your precious time than you ever thought you’d spend on thinking about cabinet drawers.

Thankfully, given his expertise, Cornwell makes it seem like a no-brainer. He tells you to grab these devices, grasp their handles in your fingers, and release their spring latches.

“Once you click them,” he says, “that releases the drawer.”

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To return the drawer to its original position in the cabinet, first line up the two notches at the end of the drawer so the slides can rest snugly on the track runners.

“Slowly push the drawer back in,” he says with a smile. “Push it all the way back in until she clicks—and then you’re locked on track.”