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Feds: Bank Robber May be Hiding on Long Island

The FBI said the suspect, wanted for allegedly robbing banks in three states, has ties to the Mastic-Shirley area.

Lufthansa Heist: Nassau Cop Breaks Silence on Mob Case that Left...

All those involved with the robbery who knew where the stolen money went are believed to have taken that knowledge to the grave.

Calif. Fugitive May be Hiding on Long Island, Feds Say

Robert Rodriguez was last known to be in Suffolk County and is believed to have family in the Patchogue area.

LI Pressure Cooker Search Prompts Police Visit, Internet Scare

Cops showed up at the man's home after being tipped off by his former employer about 'suspicious' Internet searches.

Belmont Stakes Security Beefed Up

Federal, state and local law enforcement will be on hand to secure the 145th running of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

Suffolk Police Rejoins FBI’s LI Gang Task Force

"We felt it was prudent to assign those officers back to the task force,” said Suffolk Police Chief of Department James Burke.

IRS Tea Party Audits Sparks Outrage, Probes

β€œIt warrants a full congressional and criminal investigation.”

Another NY Senator Charged With Corruption

The state Senate's former top Democrat allegedly told an associate that he would find the witnesses and "take them out."

Roosevelt Crips Bust Biggest in Nassau History, DA Says

More than a dozen leading members of the Rollin' 60s, a Roosevelt-based subset of the Crips, were busted this week.

Ricin Likely Mailed to Obama, U.S. Senator

Ricin mailed to the president and at least one senator while feds probe other suspicious items in U.S. Capitol.