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Long Island Shark Sighting Streak Hits Day 6

South Shore Long Island lifeguards reported a shark sighting for the sixth day in a row Saturday.

Shark Sightings at Long Island Beaches Force Swimmers Out of Water...

Shark sightings prompted officials to clear swimmers out of the water at South Shore Long Island beaches for the second day in a row Tuesday.

Lido Lifeguards Report Shark Sighting of “Significant Size”

Swimmers were ordered out of the water at South Shore Long Island ocean beaches Monday following three shark sightings, one of which officials termed “significant.”

Shark Sighting Reported In Shallow Water Off Long Island

Police officers responded to a report of a shark sighting in shallow waters in the Hamptons on Saturday morning, authorities said.

Great White Shark Reported in Long Island Sound

A great white shark being tracked by oceanographers was recorded swimming Monday in the Long Island Sound — the first such instance of the apex predator in that body of water.

Top 10 Most-Read Long Island Press Local News Stories Of 2015

Our annual trip down local news memory lane.

Dolphins Prompt Robert Moses Shark Scare

“It was a little bit of a concern, obviously."

Atlantic Beach Shark Sightings Likely Harmless Basking Sharks

A local marine biologist who saw photos of the shark fin believes that is was a plankton-eating basking shark.

One of These Kids Is About To Do Something Amazing (Video)

Guess which one of these kids is about to do something amazing. Go ahead. Guess. GUESS!