Top 10 Most-Read Long Island Press Local News Stories Of 2015


Ah, year-in-review season. That magical time when we get to take a look back at the past 12 months and see which stories our readers liked the most and wonder aloud, why?

As usual, there are a few head-scratchers in the list, but for the majority of the most-clicked stories, their popularity was obvious.

Join us on this annual trip down local news memory lane…

10) Glen Cove Stabbing Leaves Woman Dead
The heartbreaking nature of this story was surely the reason readers needed to know more. The victim was on her way to pick up her daughter when she was killed.

9) Suffolk Jail Stars in New Season of MSNBC’s Lockup
What’s not to like about this uplifting story? It’s got reality TV, candid crooks and a close-up look at the underbelly of Scruffolk.

8) Center Moriches Man Accuses Suffolk Police of False Arrest
Given how videos of alleged police misconduct regularly make national news of late, it was unsurprising that readers dove into a local story about such accusations.

7) MTA OKs LIRR 4% Fare Hike
Readers were likely more outraged than loving this must-read story about how the region’s legions of Long Island Rail Road commuters must shell out even more to get to work.

6) Greenlawn Gang Members Nabbed in $15K Drug Bust, Cops Say
Of all the stories about gangs, drugs and people getting arrested this year, we can only guess that the reason this one was so popular was because it happened in Greenlawn, of all places.

5) Record-shattering Numbers of LI Students Opting Out of Common Core Testing
Have you heard? Neither many parents nor many students like the new Common Core education standards and all the tests that come with them!

4) Long Island Chick-fil-A to Open This Fall
This was such a big deal that people actually camped outside the Port Jefferson store the night before it opened to be first on line to get one of those juicy chicken sandwiches.

3) Great White Shark Tracked Off Long Island
Did you know that sharks live in the ocean? Well, if you missed that day in class, a shark research group tagged a bunch of big fish so we can see where they swim, including off LI.

2) Portuguese Man-o-war Stings Child on Fire Island
It’s not every day that these sea creatures wash up on LI beaches, and rarer still that someone locally is stung by one.

1) LI Teacher Refuses to Administer Common Core Tests, Urges Others to Join Her
OK, apparently it’s not just parents and students. Some teachers hate Common Core, too!

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