Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for January 2016

PsychicDeb 2016

By PsychicDeb

Aries – Pluto squared Natal Sun – put off important decisions for another month. You’ll do better to attend a musical or theatrical event, watch television, or listen to the radio. If you’re all alone, make good use of your time in developing self-understanding. Pisces plays a key role. Your lucky number is 7.

Taurus – Mars opposite Natal Sun – the accent is on privacy, secrets, confidential groups or organizations. Keep thoughts to yourself, especially romantic dreams. Time spent alone can be very rewarding.

Gemini – Venus and Saturn opposite Natal Sun – business talents are emphasized. You’ll make enterprising moves, possibly concerning real estate. You feel the desire to settle down permanently. Success arrives with contacts with successful people and the number 8.

Cancer – restrictions lift, life becomes more exciting and a fascinating member of the opposite sex shows up. Promote special services, new methods and more cooperation in daily tasks. An intimate discussion with a Gemini provides new views. The lucky number is 5.

Leo – Mars Squared Natal Sun – the low lunar cycle suggests that you play a waiting game. Don’t force issues where your mate, partner or associate is concerned. Spend time on practical matters, clearing up minor details. Get help from a professional if needed. Your lucky number is 4.

Virgo – Jupiter Conjunct Natal Sun – an aura of mystery surrounds money matters. You could be working in the dark unless you enlist the cooperation of a family member. Eliminate wasteful extravagant habits, learn to manage better. Mutual agreement is necessary on a large purchase. Your lucky number is 6.

Libra – Uranus opposite Natal Sun – you open up to new vistas. Foreign ideas, higher education and travel plans are on your mind. Attention will be scattered over a vast range of possibilities – try to be more discriminating in choosing the best path open. Sagittarius and Gemini play key roles.

Scorpio – Mars Conjunct Natal Sun – a conversation with a top authority in the field brings excellent results. You have the knack of getting beyond trivialities to the real subjects at hand. Your conversational ability will attract a bright member of the opposite sex. Much fun, variety and fast pace are promised.

Sagittarius – Venus and Saturn Conjunct Natal Sun – an inspiring message sets you off on a mission to help someone in need. Your generosity is accented. You’ll be concerned with charity drives, fund-raising or visits to hospitals and convalescents. Romance behind the scenes is possible. An Aries figures in the picture.

Capricorn – Mercury and Pluto Conjunct Natal Sun – it’s time to circulate; you’ll be the center of attention at any party or social event. A fascinating stranger compliments you on your intelligence and sense of humor. A versatile approach will work best. Don’t take on more than you can handle; take good care of your health.

Aquarius – Ruling planet in the 2nd house – the accent is on the “big picture”. A feeling of confinement can be overcome by increasing your interest in the world beyond your front door. Don’t allow a narrow-minded relative to interfere with your humanitarian outlook and practices. An Aries serves as a reliable guide.

Pisces – Jupiter opposite Natal Sun – the emphasis is on routine tasks and attention to details. You’ll derive the greatest pleasure from services to others. Realize that devotion to duty will result in greater rewards than you expected. An Aquarian surprises you with bright ideas. Your lucky number is 4.


Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for over 25 yrs. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: www.astro-mate.org

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