Manorville Search Hits One Week Mark; DA Won’t Confirm If It’s Gilgo-Related

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State police search with cadaver dogs on Halsey Manor Road in Manorville – where Valerie Mack and Jessica Taylor’s remains were found in 2000 and 2003, respectively.
Michael Malaszczyk/Long Island Press

The multi-agency search in the woods of Manorville for evidence related to the Gilgo Beach murders continued through the weekend and into Tuesday, marking a whole week since it began. The Suffolk County District Attorney still won’t confirm if the search is related to the Gilgo Beach investigation or not.

On Friday, the search expanded to the North Sea hamlet on the South Fork, as well as Manorville’s own Halsey Manor Road.

Halsey Manor Road was where victims Valerie Mack and Jessica Taylor were found, partially, in 2000 and 2003, respectively. Further remains of both were found on Gilgo Beach in 2011.

North Sea has never come up in relation to the Gilgo Beach murders – however, it is where Sandra Costilla’s remains were found in 1993. The prime suspect in Costilla’s murder has been John Bittrolff – who was convicted of murdering two other women in the 1990s in 2017 – but Bittrolff was never officially charged.

Bittrolff was from Manorville and at one point considered a suspect in the Gilgo Beach case, but Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney recently said Bittrolff has no connection to the Gilgo murders.

Since the search started last Tuesday, multiple news outlets reported that sources told them it was Gilgo-related. The expansion to North Sea caused some to speculate that it wasn’t Gilgo-related, but instead solely focused on John Bittrolff.

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney would not confirm or deny what the search was about, a sentiment he emphasized on Monday.

“The district attorney’s office speaks through their indictments,” Tierney told reporters. “Without an indictment, we don’t talk. So it’s part of an ongoing investigation. We are aware of what’s going on.”

Tierney added that “I wouldn’t read into what you read in the media.”

Residents have reported a heavy police presence on Wading River Road in Manorville since Tuesday. Numerous NYPD officers with K-9 units have been visible on the road. State police are involved as well.

Police K-9 units search in Manorville.Michael Malaszczyk/Long Island Press

“The Suffolk County Police Department, the New York Police Department and the New York State Police are working with the District Attorney’s Office on an ongoing investigation,” a spokesperson for the DA said. “We do not comment on investigative steps while they are underway. We will make further statements when appropriate.”

Several media outlets have been on the scene since Wednesday, including the Press. Police have not confirmed if anything has been found in the area, but reporters spotted Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer, commanding officer of the Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad, on the scene.

Two victims tied to the Gilgo Beach murders were found in Manorville. Valerie Mack’s partial remains were found in Manorville in 2000, and Jessica Taylor’s were found there in 2003.

Further remains of both were found on Gilgo Beach in 2011.

“I’m hopeful and grateful to know how much dedication is being put into the investigation,” Jasmine Robinson, Jessica Taylor’s cousin, told the Press.

Rex Heuermann is charged with the murders of four victims found on Gilgo – Melissa Barthelemy, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Amber Lynn Costello, and Megan Waterman. But the DA has said previously that the grand jury investigation into the other bodies on Gilgo Beach would be continuing.

There were two unidentified males found in the area as well; the Press covered this back in 2011.

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Police have moved further into the woods as of Thursday.Michael Malaszczyk/Long Island Press