Lafazan: Remove The Names Of Elected Officials From Nassau County Signs

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(Photo by Nick Ciccone)

If you ask Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan, the names of elected officials on county signs aren’t worth your tax dollars.

Lafazan Aims To Remove Elected Officials’ Names from County Signs

Lafazan introduced legislation on Aug. 21 that would aim to permanently remove those names from county signs — particularly on “showmobile” stages, which can be seen often at county-hosted events.

Lafazan’s goal is to redirect taxpayer resources to more worthwhile endeavors by eliminating the need to produce and update hundreds of signs every two years or sooner, based on Nassau County’s elections.

“There is simply no justification for wasting taxpayer dollars and the labor of Nassau County’s skilled workforce to perpetuate such a brazen form of taxpayer-funded self-promotion,” Lafazan said. “In a day and age in which all of the vital information about our elected officials is right at our fingertips, it’s long past time to remove any semblance of politicking from our County-owned public spaces by ending this practice once and for all.”

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The Town of Hempstead also puts the names of elected officials on “showmobiles,” like this one.Michael Malaszczyk

History of Elected Officials’ Names on Signs In the Area

Nassau County isn’t alone in this practice, however — Long Island towns, such as the Town of Hempstead within Nassau — also put the names of their elected officials on signs including the aforementioned “showmobiles.”

Former County Executive Laura Curran had instituted a similar policy, and called it “self-promotion” to CBS News at the time.

County Executive Bruce Blakeman reversed the policy after taking office, most notably causing the postponement of the “Just Wild About Harry” Harry Chapin tribute concert at Eisenhower Park.

“Harry Chapin’s mission was all about feeding the hungry,” Legislator Lafazan said. “County Executive Blakeman, on the other hand, has proven time and again that he is all about feeding his own ego. It’s time to get our priorities back in order here in Nassau County.”

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Nassau County Executive Bruce BlakemanPhoto by Ed Shin

County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s Response

But, speaking through director of communications Chris Boyle, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman denied any self-promotion aspect of the policy.

“The County Executive believes it’s important for residents to know who represents them,” Boyle said.