Westbury Library Hispanic Heritage Community Showcase ‘My American Story’

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Carmen Lloyd Trustee of The Westbury Library, Author Adriana Devers Founder of Cuentos de Triadas Inc. & Melissa Figueroa, Nassau County Office of Minority Affairs Deputy Director
Ed Shin

In observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, this past Saturday, September 30, Westbury resident Adriana Devers, author and educator, presented the program “My American Story at the Westbury Memorial Library. A colorful inter-generational event that highlighted the rich diverse cultures of Latin America in the United States. 

 This multidisciplinary community showcase was a display of Latinx culture as it intertwines with American culture. The program incorporated poetry, storytelling, music and visual arts, featuring original pieces created during an 8 week writing workshop series, under the same title, conducted by Devers at the Westbury Library this past summer. Local officials, and community leaders from the Fire Department, and Police Department were actively engaged during the presentation. 

Among the participants were: Author Sasha Quintanilla, artist and educator Rosalba Henao, artist Soykimz, Michelle Zambrano, Olivia Quintanilla and Cultural Programming Specialist David Chavez. 

The showcase was a display of young talents from the interpretation of the National Anthem by Drexel Ave. students, under the direction of music teacher Mr. Brenner, poetry readings shared by Valley Stream participants, Rosavera and Zara Paulino, and an opening with Westbury Middle School students Jeremiah Rodriguez and Adeline Veliz. 

One of the most meaningful scenes of the program was in the hands of son and mother, Karen Mena and Vicente Diaz, who performed “La Cueca Chilena.” The duo Gipsy Strings, closed the afternoon with a vibrant performance of Latin hits.

My American Story was selected by Huntington Arts Council as a recipient of funding under the Statewide Community Regrant Program; for Devers this marked the second year as a local artist receiving this award. 

For more information please go to https://cuentosdetriadas.com/

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Westbury Mayor Peter CavallaroEd Shin
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Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro, Jennifer DeSena North Hempstead Town Supervisor, Kimberly Zambrano, Adriana Devers, Carmen Lloyd, David Chavez & Pedro QuintanillaEd Shin
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Sasha QuintanillaEd Shin
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Pedro Quintanilla, Sasha Quintanilla & Olivia QuintanillaEd Shin
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Kimberly Zambrano & Adriana DeversEd Shin
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William Caraballo Westbury HS NJROTCEd Shin
Westbury 8
David Chavez, Westbury Library Cultural Program SpecialistEd Shin
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Vito Genna & Willie HuertoEd Shin
Westbury 10
Adriana Devers & Carolina LodatiEd Shin
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Adriana Devers & Kelby Then, Safety Officer for Westbury Fire DeptEd Shin
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Westbury Village Fire DeptEd Shin
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Westbury Hispanic Heritage Month Community ShowcaseEd Shin
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Westbury Hispanic Heritage Month Community ShowcaseEd Shin