What Is The Best LGBTQ Bar On Long Island?

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Long Island boasts a vibrant LGBTQ community with numerous bars, prompting the question – which LGBTQ bar on the island is the best as Pride Month kicks off?

In 2024, Long Island voted Nu Bar as the Best LGBTQ Bar!

Nu Bar stands as a cornerstone for the LGBTQ+ community in Long Island, proudly gay-owned and operated since 2016. This pub-style establishment offers a clean and secure space for the local LGBTQ+ community to gather and celebrate. To enter this vibrant haven, patrons must be 21 years old with proper identification – a strict policy that ensures a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Operating seven days a week, Nu Bar boasts a diverse schedule, from Monday to Sunday, catering to various tastes and schedules.

Notably, Fridays extend the revelry until 4 am, providing an extra dose of weekend excitement. It’s not just a bar; it’s a community hub. Additionally, supporters can purchase Nu Bar merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds contributing to Pride For Youth, reinforcing the bar’s commitment to community welfare.

Nu Bar
47-2 Boundary Ave, Farmingdale
(516) 694-6906 – nubarli.com

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