Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A New Furry Friend! Animals For Adoption On Long Island


Animals often experience fear and uncertainty in shelter settings, and truly need a forever home to thrive. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the purrfect time to be their hero. Bring one (or two) of these adorable sweethearts home today and let love fill your hearts!

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


*Senior Alert* Meet the Smithtown Animal Shelter’s Pet of the Week, the dapper & dashing Blaze! Approximately 10-years-young and a longtime resident of the Animal Shelter, he was rescued by Animal Control Officers after being abandoned, left in a cage at Blydenburgh Park. 

Blaze is a well-mannered, loving & affectionate gentleman. In his spare time, Blaze enjoys playing in the pools, taking long walks & spending time with his favorite people. He dislikes the cold weather and is not a fan of the rain. Sweet Blaze can be protective of his people and suspicious of meeting new ones. However, this little quirk is easily managed and overcome by giving him treats… cookies are the way to his heart. Overall, this incredible boy is easy going & mellow. Once he trusts you, he’ll love you and remain loyally at your side forever. 

Blaze would do best in an adult-only home without other pets. Interested adopters must have experience with his breed. If you are interested in meeting Blaze, call 631-360-7575 or fill out an application at https://www.townofsmithtownanimalshelter.com/applications

Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter


*Senior Alert* Roxy has a sad story, she arrived at the shelter in 2017, found wandering the streets. She has been in and out of a home since then and was recently returned because the owner is moving. Roxy needs an adult home, low traffic, where she gets to be who she really is. She’s good on leash, accepts rewards happily and enjoys being pet. She deserves a home where she can experience the world with her trusting family, providing support and positive reinforcement. Roxy is 9 years old and is still playful and full of spunk; she is friendly when meeting new people but is much happier around adults. Roxy was reported to have guarded in a previous home and needs to be set up for success this time.  


Rosie is the definition of gentle. This 3-year-old, 80lb lovebug loves to snuggle and wants all of your attention, so she would do best in a solo dog home. Rosie always has a goofy smile on her face, with her ears perked up waiting to hear the next compliment you have for her. When she spends time in the adoption office, she is a staff favorite, she is very loving and affectionate with every new person she meets and has no stranger/reactivity issues. Rosie will thrive best in an active family, with children 13+. Rosie is extremely smart and aims to please. She loves to play outside with her people and end the day with snuggles and love. 

If you want to find out more about Roxy or Rosie, contact the shelters placement team at [email protected], [email protected], 516.785.5220

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


*Double Adoption* 11-month-old brothers Ricardo and Rodrigo have come to depend upon each other in new situations. Rodrigo has emerged to be a welcoming friend to all he greets, with fun energy that everyone finds irresistible. His shyer brother looks to him to build his confidence when it comes to new experiences. They love collecting treats, chasing wand toys, or having a blast with friends. Those adorable wide eyes are practically meowing for your attention and a chance to make your home their own sweet haven.


*Double Adoption* Welcome to Care-A-Lot! Population: Tenderheart Bear and Friend Bear. These inseparable five-month-old brothers already have all the love in their hearts for each other but have plenty more love to share with you, their future adopters.


*Double Adoption* Placed in the loving hands of an expert cat-whispering foster mom, three-month-olds Sage and Shiso were introduced to an alternate reality where they were safe from the harsh winter with food, fun and a warm blanket. Sage embraced the perks of indoor living almost immediately, while Shiso might so some toy incentives to bring out his best self! A home with older children would provide them with all the love and patience they need to begin their new journey with you!

Adoption Shen

*Senior Alert* The loss of his beloved owner has left 12-year-old friend Shen lost and seeking solace in the hands of his new caretakers at Bianca’s Furry Friends. Animal League America is committed to providing him with a comfortable place to land and receive optimal senior cat care. In return, Shen lifts his head up to receive all the scratches he can get from staff and visitors. Vets have provided Shen with a great plan for his hyperthyroidism, a covered medical expense at cost through their Pet Health Centers. This gentle boy still has a lot of love in his heart to give; he’s just waiting for you to receive it.


Adoption Umber

*Double Adoption* Super devoted 11-month-old Umber and Espe brothers are looking for a committed family to take in all their cuteness! Espe looks out for his more cautious sibling, assuring Espe they’re always going to be together. Make them a part of your family today!

Adoption Combee

*Double Adoption* Pokemon legends Combee and Geodude were feeling less than legendary when they were out in the cold and not in Bianca’s Furry Friends. Now safely nestled together in a covered bed, these four-month-old, bonded brothers are quickly becoming fans of this more pampered lifestyle. Some gentle purrsuation from people will win them over in no time. If you’d like to be their trainer, ask about them today!


Five-year-old Chico loves waiting by the door in hopes he can make a great first impression with every visitor that comes his way. Animal League America wants to make sure he finds the purrfect match as this endearing guy has endured a lot of upheaval. A cat-experienced home with older children will assure him that his best days are ahead of him.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to any of these fabulous felines, contact [email protected] or visit their Port Washington campus today!

Available for adoption at Lend-A-Paw


Meet Lennox! Somewhere between three and five years of age, this special gal was rescued off the euthanasia list this year and has blossomed into a joyful little girl. She’s a bundle of fun who enjoys playing fetch and snuggling up on the couch for belly rubs. Lennox loves shadowing her favorite person around the house for treats and attention. She can start off shy but warms up slowly and appreciates a home where she can decompress at her own pace. She would do best in a home with no kids or cats. 


Dior was surrendered early last month which seems crazy, as this girl is a bundle of joy who  brings a smile to every person she meets! She loves kids and other dogsand has the best personality. She is crate trained and potty trained, and only about 8-months old, so she’s ready to find her forever family today! 

Adoption Koda

Three-year-old Koda has been a resident of the Babylon Animal Shelter for just about 2 years, and as a shelter fan favorite with her amazing and bubbly personality, she’s now under the care of Lend-a-Paw waiting for her forever home. Koda has lots of puppy energy and needs a family that is as active as she is. She would do best in a no, kid, only pet family. She’s currently receiving training so she can thrive in her next chapter. 


Kona is back at Lend-a-Paw waiting for a loving foster home where she can properly decompress. This 4 year old girl needs to be an only cat as she loves the spotlight to be on her. She was front declawed by her previous owner, so it is important for her foster to be able to acclimate her properly. 


Pablo is one hunk of a man! He is a very loving and affectionate 5-year-old who loves to nurture his friends in the cat room, and really gets excited during treat time with the volunteers. Pablo would do great in both an only/or multi-cat household as he enjoys quiet time just as much as playing with others. 


*Senior Alert* When Lend-a-Paw was contacted about 16-year-old Annabelle, she was found declawed and thrown in a garage for not getting along with kids. The owner then surrendered her and determined volunteers got her to open up enough to make it to a loving foster home. She now has two foster siblings and the most loving foster mom who showed her what real love is-but she is ready for forever. Could you be her hero?

To meet any of Lend-a-Paws lovies, visit www.lendapawinc.com/adoption today!

Available for adoption at Tender Loving Cats


Misletoe is a gorgeous fluffball that is oh so sweet. She enjoys being held and will cuddle up with you to sleep. What’s better than a longhaired kitten who enjoys being brushed? This 5-month-old gal is an easygoing and friendly kitten who enjoys playing with laser toys and wand toys. She gets along with other cats and would be a great kitty in most households. Let’s find her the best home where she can be loved.


Maple is a loyal four-year-old beautiful tabbico who craves human attention. She is the kind of cat that will want to be in the same room as you and sleep next to you at night. Maple wants a family where she will be forever safe and loved and where she can reward them with her devotion.


Petite chirping Giggles would love to be your new best friend! Her tiny size and her love for play would totally make you think she is a kitten! This adorable little girl will steal your heart with her playful antics and zest for life! She absolutely loves having fun playing alone with toys or interactive play with you and the cat dancer toy. Giggles is curious, super smart and very confident! With slow acclimation (dogs take a bit longer, foster allowed supervised pass-byes for a few weeks) she will blend into any household, including one with children.

To adopt Mistletoe, Maple or Giggles, complete an adoption application here-https://www.tenderlovingcats.org/adoption-application.html. For more information, email [email protected]

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!