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Book Review: ‘Zombie Loyalists’ By Peter Shankman

"This book can serve as a manual not just for customer service representatives, but...anyone in a service-related industry who wants to help incite a happy-customer-zombie apocalypse."

Book Review: Everywhere That Tommy Goes by Howard Pollack

In a genre that is quickly becoming over-saturated, Howard Pollack bursts through with a psychological thriller that reminds us why we can’t get enough...

Book Review: ‘Columbine’ by Dave Cullen

Everything you think you know about the Trench Coat Mafia is wrong.

Book Review: Hack by Kieran Crowley

Kieran Crowley is not just a monster journalist, he’s also one hell of a storyteller.

The Original of Laura

The Original of Laura: A Novel in Fragments By Vladimir Nabokov Just before his death, Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov ordered that his final work, The Original...

A Mind of Winter

A Mind of Winter By Shira Nayman From Shanghai to England to Long Island, the lives of three characters, all restless and tortured in their own...