Book Review: Everywhere That Tommy Goes by Howard Pollack


In a genre that is quickly becoming over-saturated, Howard Pollack bursts through with a psychological thriller that reminds us why we can’t get enough of it. The setup seems initially predictable but Pollack’s prose is enough to draw the reader far enough in to realize that this anything but hackneyed. Everywhere That Tommy Goes moves quickly without being breezy. Just as we’re beginning to navigate the personalities of the protagonists—Tommy Sullivan and Troyer Savage—everything turns upside down in an instant and chaos ensues. From that point forward, it’s impossible to put it down and the reader never has a chance to recover. You’re strapped in and along for the ride. Pollack maintains a consistently interesting and edgy narrative and winds up pulling together a terrific modern thriller. To say anything more would do a disservice to any curious fan of this genre. Suffice to say, nothing is what it seems. Everywhere That Tommy Goes is terrifying, frustrating and unpredictable and is written with the confidence of a seasoned storyteller. Therefore, the most unpredictable thing about it is might be that it is Pollack’s debut.

Book Synopsis:

An attractive young bartender goes missing from a popular New York City hot spot and the only evidence found at the scene points to Tommy Sullivan. Fearing arrest, he runs, and is secretly followed by his new friend Troyer Savage. When an even more horrific murder occurs, and Troyer vanishes in its wake, Tommy is left in a stupor, bathed in the victim’s blood.As his blackouts and memory lapses multiply, Tommy becomes lost between nightmare and reality. Things only get worse for him when the police build a case that links him to bodies buried in shallow graves among the sand dunes at Gilgo Beach on Long Island.With the police in hot pursuit and the psychological tension building by the minute, the action never lets up as Tommy pieces together parts of the puzzle from clues buried deep within his tragic childhood. However, the dark secrets from his past may belie the actual truth.

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