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Long Islander Bill O’Reilly Out at Fox News Amid Sexual Harassment...

The network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, released a statement Wednesday afternoon announcing its divorce from O’Reilly, a native Long Islander and a divisive figure in media circles.

Lindsay Lohan Sues Fox News, Sean Hannity Over Cocaine Comment

The suit pits the troubled actress from Merrick against the conservative pundit from Centre Island.

Rumsey Punch: How Obama Blew It

When push came to shove, and his party was literally up against the wall, his inability to communicate viscerally will have profound political repercussions in the months to come.

Scenes from The People’s Climate March

More than 310,000 people had participated, marking the event as one of the largest demonstrations in recent New York City history.

The Revolution Will Be Satirized: Comedic Activists Deliver Tough Truths, With...

“We’re in a moment where political satire, political comedy, is more able to provide more criticism than mainstream journalism outlets."

How Long Can Fox News Chase Its Own Tail?

With the election complete, arithmetic has become one of the overriding memes of the 2012 campaign.