Occupy Wall Street: Missing Fox News Footage?

Occupy Wall Street
Missing Occupy Wall Street footage?
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Missing Occupy Wall Street footage?

As “Occupy Wall Street” fever continues to spread across the country, more mainstream media have been reporting on the phenomenon, yet there are still accusations of belated and biased coverage being perpetrated by big time news outlets.

Those who haven’t had to dodge oak tag wielding protesters through the city, or just haven’t kept up with the story, may not understand what the big hubbub is about: a bunch of college students, unions, and everyday people camping out and protesting… everything.

Inspired to help tell the movement’s story, one OWS protester got in front of a Fox News camera and spoke up against the media giant and its coverage of their own parent company, News Corporation. He also threw some jabs at the “wealthy 1 percent” and Glenn Beck.

According to New York Observer, who first reported the story, the footage of the interview never aired after protester Jesse LaGreca voiced his displeasure with Fox News and its coverage.

But don’t fret. Through the power of YouTube and an “Occupy Wall Street” member, footage of the footage has been making its way around the Internet. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 500,000 checked out the LaGreca’s video.

In it, LaGreca was asked if the movement was inspired by Arab Spring protests, and how he would like the protest to be seen.

“It’s really difficult to answer questions leading to those conclusions,” he said. “I’d say that we didn’t take our cue leading off of anybody, really. It became a more spontaneous movement. As far as seeing this end, I wouldn’t like to see this end. I would like to see the conversation continue.”

He continued: “We basically patched a hole on the tire and said let the car keep rolling. Unfortunately it’s fun to talk to the propaganda machine and the media especially conservative media networks such as yourself, because we find that we can’t get conversations for the department of Justice’s ongoing investigation of News Corporation, for which you are an employee.”

When the Fox producer explained that LaGreca wouldn’t be able to voice his opinion without the help of the media, he did admit he was glad that Fox News was around reporting on what “the other 99 percent of Americans are paying attention to, as opposed to the far-right fringe, who would just love to destroy the middle class entirely.”