Letters – January 2013 – Readers React To Us Going Monthly

Letters to the Long Island Press - January 2013

Good luck on going to a monthly publication. I hope that I can get four times the following articles: Sound Smart at a Party, Letters, The Target, The Photo, The Pink Slip, The Quote, The Equation, The Rundown, The Book, The B-list B-day, Jerry’s Ink, Crosswords and Sudoku. I’ll miss the Press every week, but I’ll survive. Keep up the good work. –Lee Blumberg, Levittown

Changing your publishing schedule from 52 weekly issues to only 12 monthly copies means that every year there will be 40 (52 minus 12) murderers, rapists, serial killers, mass murderers, pedophiles, Ponzi thieves, crooked politicians, and dozens of other assorted miscreants who will not get “fired” by your public service “Pink Slips”—a loss to us all. –Richard Siegelman

Greatly looking forward to the next chapter in the evolution of LI Press— and Jed Morey! –Doris Meadows

Jed, Since the days you sat in my class, you were creative, never afraid, and knew there were no sacred cows anywhere. I am not surprised about the change…it’s the only way to grow! And I am certainly not surprised that you are leading this change. Go right on and continue to impress your audience. –Rev. Allan B. Ramirez

I love reading your newspaper. Been a fan since the beginning. Your paper is well written and is so much better than Newsday. Good luck with the monthly edition. I’m going to miss my weekly crossword puzzle in your newspaper. —Sue

Now, if you could just bring back WLIR Radio, I’d be really happy!!!! –Jim Perrone

I’m going to agree with Jim Perrone about WLIR — sorely missed! Otherwise, well said, Jed. Good luck with the monthly. –Frank Pomata

Good luck with the new format. The weekly issue will be missed, but it should be interesting to see how the refurbished monthly edition turns out. I hope it will have more than one major article per month. –Michael Cafaro


Lillian Alzheimer Taylor Disappointed to hear this although I do understand your reasoning. PS, the LIP is the only newspaper I enjoy reading and trust to bring me real news that matters to me. Thank you for that.

Eddie Muro Going from weekly to monthly….at a time when Long Island needs another daily! I guess we’ll just be stuck with Dolan’s mouth piece.

Ed Gerbe I guess 12 per year beats zero. Taking a page from the Long Island Catholic?

David Lynch Will miss the weekly.


@jcairo Monthly like a period. (disgruntled ex-employee)

@Mike93434086 As always, I will look forward to “Off the Reservation,” The Target/Equation & your cover stor(ies)…

@maura the Long Island Press is going monthly. curious to see how this move turns out.

@inthefade I think this is a strong, good move. Online still stays current, monthly print can be more meaty.