Letters to the Press – June, 2013


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Well, now you know why people continuously drink and drive…

because like this monster, you get a slap on the wrist and go do it again [“Bethpage Man Gets 1 Year in Jail for Fatal DWI Hit and Run,” May 16]. Very, very sad. Will they finally figure out that they need tougher laws for animals like this!!!

Edna Clary Garcia via Facebook[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”grey”]Still feeling it, house in shambles but rebuilding slowly RT @LongIslandPress: Long Island Marks 6 Months Since Sandy

@DwightSchrute via Twitter[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]In bypassing the hype, ignorance and prejudice, etc., I am letting you know some of what I know, though not all that I think [“Letters to the Editor,” May]. Marijuana has been around a long time; the legislative history is well known and it impels the cartels. Colorado and Washington have their foot in the door so that those who wish may now have their pot and smoke it too, and also make brownies if they wish. The future of this situation for all depends on how it plays out in those two states. Hopefully, it will be for the good and be an aid in finding a solution to the war on drugs.

Charles Samek, Mineola via email[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”grey”]Do not second guess unless you can walk in the shoes of an officer [“Hofstra Student Killed by Officer’s Bullet During Robbery,” May 18]. It is easy for all of you to sit in your living room and “Monday morning quarterback.” Direct your anger at the judge who let the criminal out. Direct your anger at the social programs that don’t work and the funds that are just thrown at them. Direct your anger at the animal and his family for not raising him right.

Paul Carpentieri via Facebook[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]“What are they expecting” is the real ?? RT @LongIslandPress: U.S. Military ‘Power Grab’ Goes Into Effect. Not Good.

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[colored_box color=”blue”]Jaclyn Gallucci’s article “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” [“Out There,” May] did an excellent job describing what rowing is all about. Her description of torrential downpours and waterspouts reminded me of a similar situation long ago with SRA’s Learn to Row program. Instead of waterspouts we saw lightning strikes bouncing off the water while my wife was sitting in a metal coach boat. One thing to always remember: rowing is, and always will be a water sport.

William Ober, Head Coach, Huntington High Crew Team via email[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]Love that my hometown paper, @LongIslandPress, made national headlines with their #WarPowers scoop

@sparrowmedia via Twitter[/colored_box]