November 14 SuperMoon Sparks Fears Of Natural Disasters, Upheaval

November 14 SuperMoon
The November 14 SuperMoon will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon. (Photo: WikiMedia Commons)

November 14 marks a very special lunar event.

Tonight, the moon will be the closest it’s been to the Earth in nearly 69 years.

Dubbed a “Supermoon,” or even a “Super-DuperMoon” by some self-avowed lunatics, this extraordinary moon is currently full, and in perigee—its closest approach to Earth since Jan. 26, 1948. It will not orbit this close to our planet again until 2034.

Typically, the moon encircles our beloved blue-green orb of ocean and land and oxygen and life at about 238,855 miles. Tonight, this illuminating lunar satellite will be approximately 221,524 miles away. Consequently, this super-close flyby will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter in the nighttime sky.

While intergalactic experts such as NASA insist this uber-close proximity won’t result in any terrestrial backlash, so to say, but for increased tidal activity, others aren’t so certain, foretelling of potentially catastrophic ramifications. This celestial lunar masterpiece has sent seismic shivers down the spines of countless across the Internet, who view this advanced lunar luminosity with suspicion and fear. Some may even believe the stunning electorate upset by Republican billionaire Donald Trump against Democratic former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the recent U.S. presidential election is testament to these fears.

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Astrologer Richard Nolle, who first coined the phrase “SuperMoon” in the 1970s to describe a full or new moon phase at 90 percent or more of its closest approach to Earth, has shared a voluminous forecast in anticipation of the Nov. 14 SuperMoon, forewarning of a wide array of global effects, including solar-lunar tides, extreme storms, tidal surges and seismic activity.

“The second (of three) full moon SuperMoons this year–and by far the closest (biggest)–sets up another extraordinary level of solar-lunar tides rippling through Earth’s atmosphere, seas, and crust this month. (On a par with the October SuperMoon, if not surpassing it.),” he writes on astropro.com. “Consequently, we can expect a remarkable increase in extreme storms and tidal surges, and notable seismic activity (M5+ earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions) during the November 11-17 SuperMoon shock window.

“There’s a strong solar storm signal coming up early this month as well, connected with the superior (far side) Sun-Mercury conjunction back on October 27,” he continues. “What does a Sun-Mercury conjunction that happened last month have to do with this month? And what might this mean for you and me, quite apart from what it heralds for Mother Earth? Let’s get down to it, and lots more as well.”

Explaining “November’s Geophysical Shock Windows,” Nolle states that the month follows in the wake of an Oct. 30 new moon, which anchors a “geophysical shock window” that extends from Oct. 27 through Nov. 2.

“Watch for an above normal run of powerful storms (high winds, heavy precipitation, scattered flooding), moderate-to-severe earthquakes (M5+) and volcanic eruptions during this period,” he warns. “The M 6.5 Italian quake on October 30 is a prime example in the seismic category, falling on the exact date of the new moon; along with the eruption of Turrialba in Costa Rica and a throng of heavy weather (from killer storms in Egypt and India, to copious rain in the Bay Area and Northern California as well as the US Northeast).

“To be sure, Earth is a dynamic planet, and has a lot of all these events going on at any given time,” he continues. “But I’m talking about an extreme concentration of stronger than usual disturbances, centered on certain dates. It’s not as if nothing happens outside these dates; only that there’s an above-average concentration of very strong events at such times.”

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Regarding SuperMoons’ effects on psyches, Nolle explains a great many.

“The October 30 hangover is just foreplay,” he writes. “November’s major soli-lunar shock window is especially potent, primarily because of the SuperMoon full moon on the 14th melds into the November 7-13 solar storm signal that traces back to the October 27 superior (far side) Sun-Mercury conjunction.

“Dumping Gigawatts of extra solar energy into Earth’s atmosphere, magnetosphere and crust not only stirs up and intensifies the geophysical disturbances described earlier—but also increases disturbances in electrical systems and networks (power and communications infrastructure, satellite constellations, etc.),” he warns. “The human nervous system is likewise vulnerable. Adding to the individual and collective stress is the geophysical turbulence.

Quoting his extensive 2016 World Forecast Highlights, Nolle continues that the November 14 Supermoon “suggests an unusual outbreak of strong storms and seismic activity (including volcanic eruptions) during this particular SuperMoon stress window.

“With this in mind, even though I don’t live anywhere near (nor plan to visit) any tidal basins, volcanoes or seismic hot spots during the November 11-17 SuperMoon shockwindow, I still plan to make sure the bottled water, canned and dried foods and other emergency supplies are ready to hand; just in case,” he states. “That said, it doesn’t take more than a cursory glance at an astro-locality map for the November 14 SuperMoon to see the target zones for this event.

“They include eastern Siberia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, eastern Australia and New Zealand, as well as Greenland and the eastern tip of Brazil (under the longitudinal lines in the map),” he explains. “Horizon arcs draw a bead on Mexico, the western US and west central Canada; plus, northern and eastern Europe, Egypt and the Middle East.

“Just because you might not be under one of the astro-locality lines in the above map when the SuperMoon hits, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get off scot-free!” adds Nolle. “SuperMoon is astronomical in scale, and therefore planet-wide in scope. Having your emergency kit ready to hand is always a good idea when this alignment makes its appearance.”

Nolle states that the Nov. 14 SuperMoon will surely be a sight to behold, yet he tempers its aesthetics with its pull on the human psyche.

“This one will be a sight to see, as the great, big, glorious full moon rises in the east at sunset,” he writes. “But Earth’s atmosphere, magnetosphere, seas and crust are not the only systems stirred up by the combination of solar, lunar and other factors described above.

“The human psyche also responds to several of these factors—both individually and collectively,” he continues. “The SuperMoon full moon alone is enough to raise the conflict level in human interactions. There will be tension in the air, a highly charged emotional polarity that ups the odds for conflict and confrontation; restlessness, fitful sleep and vivid dreams. Keep a cool head, as best you can. Stay focused on what you’re doing while you’re doing it—and watch out for the people who lack focus and attention.”

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The astrologer predicts that those born under significant planetary placements and other horoscope points—such as Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius—will be most affected.

“If this applies to you, then you’re more than usually likely to be dealing with a short fuse either directly (within yourself) or indirectly (in the people around you),” he warns, advising: “Get a grip, steer clear of trouble and conflict as best you can. Think safety!”

Commenting on what he calls “Fear & Greed” in relation to the Nov. 14 SuperMoon, Nolle reiterates that there will be a lot of economic instability and financial system turbulence at work during this month, with the equity markets more susceptible to panics than usual. Due to the planetary positioning of Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto, he predicts: “Rabble rousing, mass hysteria and the madness of crowds…a good time to get to the sidelines in the markets, lest you get trampled by the panic-struck mob.”

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“It’s a configuration that points to disenchantment with traditional articles of faith, be they religious, political, social, cultural, etc.,” he warns. “Scandals associated with fraud (financial, moral) and betrayal are woven into the fabric of this development. Strong institutions more and more lose their hold on the loyalty of the people, who feel they have been betrayed one time too many.

“While global in scope, this will have great impact on the outcome of the 2016 US Elections in particular, occurring as they do under the auspices of the Saturn-Neptune square,” he continues. “It’s also a sign that financial institutions and economic engines are in a fragile state. Oil and banking are two focal points for this, but they’re far from being the whole enchilada. Mining and manufacturing generally lead the list of vulnerable sectors.

“The global economy stands at the brink of recovery this year, but it’s not a firm footing—more like a teetering,” adds Nolle. “Two steps forward, one step back: that’s the pattern this year. By and large, 2016 will be a good year to cash out, take your profits safely off to the sidelines, and let the turbulence pass you by. Definitely a stock picker’s market, not fit for index players.

“Nervous? Take your money and go home!”

Main Art: The November 14 SuperMoon will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon. (Photo: WikiMedia Commons)