Lord & Taylor Touts Manhasset Store Upgrades

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The atrium at Lord & Taylor in Manhasset welcomes shoppers.
After a three-year renovation Lord & Taylor in Manhasset will be celebrating its grand reopening on Dec. 7 offering an array of services that will make the shopping experience more personal.
Lord & Taylor President Vanessa LeFebvre shared her enthusiasm about some of these exciting new developments taking place and her vision for the retail giant.
“We are really focused on communicating with our communities and with our customer to make sure they understand some of the of the things we offer,” LeFebvre told the Press. “Personal shopping is a great example of something we offer. I think people think it is something you have to pay money for.
“It is a service we provide on your budget,” she continued. “It doesn’t mean we are going to push you to pay more money. It is about providing a service to you and help making it easier to help find what you are looking for and we can tailor that to any budget.” 
Some of these services include assistance in finding a special occasion dress for that party;  finding the right bra size or foundation for a customer’s skin tone.
“I think it is 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size,” said LeFebvre. “You can come any day and get assistance with your bra fitting.
“Our services in beauty are everything from being able to get a consultation on your skin care and not just walking up to the counter, but finding out what is the best brand for you,” she added.
The Manhasset Lord & Taylor is one of four stores on Long Island. Their other locations include Garden City, Bay Shore, and the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington. 
And, all the stores and distinctive in the clients they serve, said LeFebvre.
“They are all distinctive based on the communities they serve,” said LeFebvre. “Garden City is just next door, but the experiences are different. What we want to do is make ourselves more focused on who is the customer that is coming into the store, what problems do they have and how can we help them solve those problems.”
That being said, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, LeFebvre invites everyone to stop in all day every day.

“We are excited to be open for the holidays,” she says, “You can shop with confidence. And we are going to be here in the New Year.”

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The staff at Lord & Taylor in Manhasset has been hard at work renovating the store.
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The glass atrium at the Lord Taylor in Manhasset creates a sunny shopping experience.