Never Mind Keyboard Cat, Here’s Buddy Mercury, The Piano Dog

buddy the beagle
Buddy The Beagle

Oh, your dog knows how to play fetch and roll over? That’s cool. Meet Buddy Mercury, the piano dog from Ronkonkoma here to howl you a song tonight.

Buddy the Beagle’s YouTube videos have gotten over a million hits, including one of his latest, a St. Patrick’s Day themed doggy ditty posted just last month in which Buddy rocks a green bow tie. And that’s just one of the dozens of vids Buddy has on his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

“The song as always, heartfelt and the phrasing of the lyrics may eclipse Frank Sinatra,” commented one fan.

The self-taught piano pup is named for Freddy Mercury, the late lead singer of legendary arena rock band Queen. He even has a website where fans can buy merch, sign up for his newsletter, and download his latest hits. Because that’s the world we live in now.

As April 30 is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, it’s worth noting that Buddy is a rescue.