Bayport Tavern Rolls Out Winter in Italy Cocktail

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Bayport Tavern Rolls Out Winter in Italy Cocktail

While it has “winter” in its title, Bayport Tavern’s winter in Italy is one of those cocktails an imbiber can enjoy year-round. 

“This cocktail has very few ingredients, but each one is crucial and plays an intricate part in the taste,” says Brenin Burgess, owner of Bayport Tavern, which opened in August 2022 in the former location of JT’s Farmhouse. “The main ingredient in this drink is Fernet-Branca, an authentic amaro made directly in Italy. This bitter aromatic spirit gives the cocktail a unique and minty taste. This six-year-aged bourbon creates a nice smooth taste to the cocktail. The vanilla simple syrup we make in-house provides a sweetness to blend the two spirits. The acidity of the lemon juice is the finishing touch to open the cocktail’s aroma.”

Even a novice bartender can make winter in Italy reasonably quickly. Add Fernet-Branca, Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, vanilla simple syrup, and lemon juice in a shaker. “You then add ice and shake and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass, and then activate the mint with a nice slap and rest it on top,” he says.

“This cocktail is unique because the blend of spirits is not one you see very often,” Burgess says. “Fernet is a truly one-of-a-kind product. The taste is like nothing else. The blending of these ingredients creates a taste that patrons have truly enjoyed. People like to try new things and to be able to subtly try a new spirit is something people enjoy doing.”

“We pride ourselves on our cocktails and bar program here at Bayport Tavern. We are confident we have a cocktail that will make anyone who comes through our doors happy,” he says.

Bayport Tavern is located at 291 Bayport Ave., Bayport. It can be reached at 631-472-4100.