Limb Kind Foundation Raises Over $50K at 3rd Annual “Show Your Shine” Event

limb kind foundation
Limb Kind Foundation 3rd Annual Show Your Shine Fashion Show
Photo by Ed Shin

The Limb Kind Foundation hosted the 3rd Annual “Show Your Shine” adaptive runway event on Jan. 21 at the Sands Atlantic Beach.

More than 415 guests attended, and 27 individuals from the limb loss and limb difference communities were the models in this runway event, sending the message that “different is beautiful” and forever “redefined the runway.”

Show Your Shine aims to foster acceptance and inclusivity and to strengthen the amputee community. In addition, this event supports the mission and work of the Limb Kind Foundation so they can continue to provide free prosthetic care to children around the world in underserved communities.

The show raised more than $50,000 to help the Limb Kind Foundation with their outreach and future trips.

Image 8 Isaiah Wims
Isaiah WimsPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 9 Torie Mugo
Torie MugoPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 10 Nicole Grehn
Nicole GrehnPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 11 Selah Gilbert
Selah GilbertPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 12 Ken Weidaw
Ken WeidawPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 13 Lauren Baum Doug Goodstein
Lauren Baum & Doug GoodsteinPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 14 Billy Davis
Billy DavisPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 15 Robert Schulman Patrick Filosa
Robert Schulman & Patrick FilosaPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 16 Maribeth Cronin Sarah Cronin Molly Fitzpatrick
Maribeth Cronin, Sarah Cronin & Molly FitzpatrickPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 17 Nicole Nadboy Jill Smith Lizzy Lean Jess Bernstein
Nicole Nadboy, Jill Smith, Lizzy Lean & Jess BernsteinPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 18 Norma Trujillo
Norma TrujilloPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 19 Robert Schulman James Segota Caroline Segota
Robert Schulman, James Segota & Caroline SegotaPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 20 Kayden Elijah
Kayden ElijahPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 2 Limb Kind Foundation Executive Director Robert Schulman
Limb Kind Foundation Executive Director Robert SchulmanPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 3 Limb Kind Foundation Special Events Coordinator Jill Smith
Limb Kind Foundation Special Events Coordinator Jill SmithPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 4 Emcee Nicole Grehn
Emcee Nicole GrehnPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 5 Daijonee Vanderveer
Daijonee VanderveerPhoto by Ed Shin
Image 6 Gary Miracle Jenna Miracle
Gary Miracle & Jenna MiraclePhoto by Ed Shin
Image 7 Gary Miracle
Gary MiraclePhoto by Ed Shin