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Some are more surprising than others.

“I am a living example of how those protocols work, and of how early detection and isolation is critical to both surviving Ebola and ensuring that it is not transmitted to others."

“There’s no politics here. This is far too important for anyone to be playing any politics. It would be the height of irresponsibility. I take this very seriously.”

Dr. Craig Spencer, who is in isolation, was treating Ebola patients in Africa.

The $15 million unit would be housed in one of the health system's 16 hospitals and would take at least 18 months to build.

"We’re preparing if the situation presents itself.”

Border agents and the CDC will conduct health screenings at four other US airports.

Officials said it's important for first responders to be properly trained in infectious diseases.

"Gulu was the epicenter of the horrendous war waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army... But it turns out rebels worry about Ebola virus, too."