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This Guy: 1 – Most Other Boyfriends: 0

A guy does something nice for a girl. I know, right! It can happen!

A Beautiful Video To Look At And Listen To So Look...

I was challenged to find something very specific. The results will amaze you.

The Best Movie Trailer That’s Not A Movie Trailer, Ever

Check THIS out, as an elaborate stunt strikes hilarious terror (the best kind) in the hearts of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Not Many Can Do Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’...

Even the best singers shy away from covering this timeless tune, but this guy kills it.

The Man With The Magic Beard, or, I’m Better At Making...

A video about a guy with a magic beard. No, really. It could happen.

How do YOU Spell Father?

I like how this guy does.

English Sounds Stupid

En join this moo wee. I thank yewl lock it.

Crazy? Or Crazy Entertaining?

This guy has too much time on his face.

Discrimination. So Easy, A Child Can Learn It In A Day

If you’ve never seen it, watch it. If you’ve seen it before, take the opportunity to share it.