Obama Heckled At Fundraiser (Video)

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Screenshop from AP video
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Screenshop from AP video

A heckler interrupted President Obama at a fundraiser in California this past Monday.

Obama was speaking at a campaign fundraiser as part of a three-day cross California tour. According to the Daily Beast, the heckling came during a Los Angeles stop at the House of Blues in front of a crowd of about 1,000.

A heckler screamed about Jesus Christ. He shouted “Jesus Christ is God,” repeatedly as he was promptly dragged out by security. According to ABC, the man then shouted that the president was the antichrist.

But not without his jacket, “Is that his jacket?” Obama asked as he pointed to his empty seat. Obama supporters came to Obama’s aid and chanted “Four more years, four more years.”

When the crowd settled down, Obama, a good sport, acknowledged the heckler’s message. He agreed, well sort of. “First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the lord,” said Obama.

Check it out.