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Pieper Bar Review Question of the Day Starts March 1

Bar Review Question of the Day

Law school graduates had their legal knowledge put to the test this February when they took the bar exam. All the endless hours spent reading legal material, listening to class lectures, writing essays, and taking practice test after practice test came down to just two days and one exam.

Pieper Bar Exam is now looking ahead.

will I be approved for a business loan

It’s time to think about the Uniform Bar Exam this coming July—the first administered in New York (as well as Washington, D.C. and Vermont). Luckily for anyone taking the test this summer, Pieper came up with yet another strategy to help students study for the bar exam.

Pieper is committed to preparing its students for the bar exam through its intensive bar review course, comprised of informative-but-interesting lectures, writing workshops and tutoring sessions, and it will be offering a new resource beginning March 1, 2016 called the Question of the Day.

By signing up for Pieper’s Uniform Bar Exam Question of the Day, subscribers are emailed bar exam questions that they can answer to the best of their ability and access the answer along with a comprehensive explanation as to why the other choices are incorrect. Consequently, subscribers have the opportunity to not only obtain a clearer understanding of legal material, but get a better idea of the types of multiple choice questions that have been included on the bar exam before.

The Question of the Day is a great way to constantly stay engaged in your bar review without having to be glued to a textbook. Each morning you can start your day by answering a question. Because it’s only one question rather than an entire practice test, you won’t need a ton of time to answer either.

Since your day will probably consist of reviewing anything and everything law-related, this could also be a good motivator and help get you in the right mindset—whether you get the question right or wrong. Answering correctly exhibits your readiness for the bar exam and shows that you’re on the right track to passing. Answering incorrectly, on the other hand, may be disappointing, but alerts you to topics you’ll need to brush up on, or to improve the way in which you approach multiple choice questions.

Preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam is a full-time job that requires your undivided attention. It’s stressful and time-consuming, but completely worth it. Pieper’s Question of the Day is a helpful tool to ensure your bar exam journey ends in victory.

Bar Exam Question of the Day

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7 Legit Work-From-Home Opportunities That Are Not Scams

7 Legit Work-From-Home Companies That Are Not Scams
7 Legit Work-From-Home Companies That Are Not Scams!

We’re not sure about you, but our email is flooded daily with scams promising work-from-home opportunities. The premise is always the same: Earn extra money from home! They promise to deliver real money the way we’d love to acquire it: fast and easy.

Alas, life teaches us that nothing that comes fast and easy is worth much, and if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

work from home travel agent

However, in this age of connectivity, the commute-less career is a real possibility. The Internet and the advent of teleconferencing capabilities, such as Skype, have made telecommuting a plausible—and sometimes preferred—way to do business. Companies are becoming more aware of the different ways employees can be most productive. Facilitating an at-home work environment lets employees not only save the time and expense of commuting and design their own work hours, but also reduces corporate overhead.

The real challenge is learning how to distinguish between scams and true, legit work-from-home opportunities. Hint: The real deal probably won’t land in your email inbox as an unsolicited opportunity, but as the result of a query on your part.

We’ve sorted and vetted several companies touting jobs to earn cash from home, and created a comprehensive guide to those cubicle-less, annoying-coworker-less companies offering real work-from-home potential. Positions run the gamut, from customer service representatives to executive-level management.

Check out these companies, peruse their websites, learn all about these legit work-from-home opportunities, and let’s start making some money!


Although the thought of “working from home” and “virtual offices” has come into play a lot more in recent years, TNTP is one employer who has pushed this remote-working flexibility since its founding in 1997. Formerly known as The New Teacher Project, this national nonprofit is dedicated to helping schools, districts and states build an effective educational environment by recruiting, developing, and retaining great teachers, and only 11 percent of this its employees actually work in their Brooklyn headquarters! While another 22 percent work out of schools and client offices, a whopping 67 percent of TNTPers work from home!

This virtual method has enabled TNTP to keep valuable and talented employees as they grow, have families, and move out of state, blogs its former CEO. TNTP proudly boasts a 90-percent employee retainer rate of high-performing staff members.

PERFECT FOR: stay-at-home parents, millennials or anyone who loves the TNTP mission but doesn’t live close to Brooklyn


Long before online travel booking (think Orbitz, Travelocity) disrupted the travel industry, InteleTravel was revolutionizing the travel agency world. Essentially, anyone can join and earn commission by booking travel for friends, relatives, colleagues, and companies, or even just for themselves. The premise is surprisingly simple and effective, and their online capabilities have grown tremendously in recent years. And because the fees to join are nominal, InteleTravel has leveled the playing field to become a travel agent.

The upside of InteleTravel is anywhere from good to significant. Very little downside that we could find, if any. Because InteleTravel agents are certified travel agents, they not only receive discounts for travel, but earn commission on whatever they book. For example, the casual agent who books everyone’s flights and accommodations for the annual family reunion can book more cost effectively and put money in his/her pocket. (Whether you split it with your relatives is up to you! We’ll never tell.)

Those who dedicate time to being an agent and do a little social media self-promotion to friends, family and connections sometimes wind up with a significant revenue stream. We like InteleTravel because they’ve been in this space for decades and are accredited by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), the Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and Vacation.com, the world’s largest travel agency marketing consortium, among others.

PERFECT FOR: teachers, retirees, stay-at-home parents, travel enthusiasts and millennials


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hudl is a software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Hudl offers online video editing and sharing tools that enable coaches and athletes across the country to study associated play diagrams remotely and create high-quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The company serves more than 125,000 amateur teams, 2,000+ college programs, 1,000+ professional teams, 12,500+ schools, and is the go-to for 90 percent of all football teams! A company more focused on outcomes and outputs rather than desk time, Hudl is a pro at hosting virtual meetings through programs HangOut or GoToMeeting, as well as their private YouTube Channel. Hudl flies its staff out to its home office twice a year for colleagues to get to know each other, and additionally provides transportation to company retreats. Remote positions are available for product team members in California, Massachusetts, New York, Nebraska, Texas, Washington and the United Kingdom.

PERFECT FOR: techies, millennials, web designers and those seeking flexibility

Merchant Pro Express

MerchantPro Express (MPX) is a credit card processor that offers state-of-the-art merchant services, e-commerce solutions and advanced point of sale equipment to businesses of all different sizes and needs. MPX offers a legit work-from-home program that provides great opportunities for classic “connectors” who boast a large Rolodex (that’s an old-school term for friends, connections, circles, followers, etc.).

Legit Work From Home Job Opportunity

One of the things we like about becoming a MerchantPro Express agent is that it’s one of the least “salesish” sales positions you can get. That’s because they do nearly all of the work, while you play the hero. The value is in your connections. Few business owners realize how much cost-savings potential there is in switching processors, particularly those in the retail space where credit card transactions comprise the majority of sales. Because MPX is a top-tier player in this space, they have the ability to simplify the process and save the merchant money. All you have to do is get your contacts to send their statements to MPX and they take it from there. They get a client. Your friend saves money. You earn commission. Win, win, win!

Another great feature of MerchantPro Express is that agents receive commission for the life of the agreement between the merchant and the processor. Plus, MerchantPro Express doesn’t arbitrarily raise its fees like many other processors, which leads to longer contract periods. So whether you introduce one friend or 100 friends to their cost-saving platform, you earn commission for as long as the contract(s) exists. This is the real deal.

PERFECT FOR: retirees, stay-at-home parents or experienced sellers looking to augment their income

Worldwide 101

A professional virtual services company, Worldwide 101 supports small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs around the globe. As a professional business-class Virtual Assistant, team members are responsible for providing high-quality business level support. As long as client expectations are met, Worldwide 101 isn’t fussy about their employees making their schedules to suit their lives. Whether that means picking the kids up from school, heading to the gym or baking a birthday cake, employees are encouraged to use their freedom (and time saved not having to commute every day) to create a workflow that keeps them happy, motivated and successful.

PERFECT FOR: retirees, former marketing and business professionals, and stay-at-home parents with business backgrounds

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is an accredited online education program offering tuition-free public schooling for students in grades K-12. Connections Academy is committed to expanding exceptional online education through technology and helping their students achieve both academic and personal success. The ability to work from home varies across the wide range of schools offered. Some teachers are office-based, while others are home-based. However, even if a teacher is hired as the latter, they typically do still report to the office (depending upon their state) for trainings and/or meetings. For certified teachers who want the flexibility and are able to handle both home-based teaching with an occasional trip to the office, this is perfect for you!

PERFECT FOR: certified teachers who are stay-at-home parents or seek flexibility


The company that literally wrote the book on remote working (Called Remote: Office Not Required), Basecamp is a digital platform that has everything a company and its teams need to stay on the same page with whatever they’re working on. A one-stop shop for all their needs, Basecamp is where teams go to divvy up work, assign out work, discuss said work, store and organize any and all files for that work, create deadlines for work, make announcements (at work), check-in with each other, strategize, and just plain keep it all together. Although their home office is located in Chicago, every Basecamp employee is free to live and work wherever they choose.

PERFECT FOR: techies, millennials, creatives and those seeking workplace flexibility

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Morey Publishing Shares 5 Ways Businesses Can Increase Their Visibility Online

Morey Publlishing
Morey Publishing shares five ways businesses can increase their visibility online!

It’s 2016—isn’t that nuts? Being super worried about Y2K feels like it was just yesterday.

According to Back to the Future 2 we should have flying cars, nonexplosive hover boards and self-lacing shoes by now. Clearly that hasn’t happened yet, but we do live in a world so digitally interconnected that people have been known to go into full-on hyperventilation mode if they misplace their smart phones. As much as some of us long for the simpler days of one phone per house, snail mail and getting milk delivered to our front door, that’s just not how the world works anymore.

Not only do we as humans have to adjust to this reality of flat screens (on everything), constant notifications, and mobile apps for just about every topic imaginable, but in order for businesses around the globe to succeed, they have to step in line and hop aboard the technology train!

A distinguished Long Island-based website design and digital marketing agency, Morey Publishing knows a little something about effective web strategies. As a company that strives to help businesses increase their visibility on the web, we thought we’d do our Good Samaritan duty and reveal some of the key findings we have acquired to help your business boost its online presence.

New Call-to-action

Integrating Instagram into your business’s marketing efforts might not jump out as something that makes the most sense to you on the surface, but a closer look at this platform’s massive social influence and user engagement might make you think twice. As the social media platform with the second-most devoted user base (just behind Facebook), if yours is an image-friendly business (ie. travel, art, architecture, food, fashion, technology), and especially one that seeks to attract millennials, take your time creating really beautiful posts. Hitting this strategy head-on is known to deliver real results and dramatically increase brand awareness!

With over 1.4 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that Facebook remains the king of social engagement, and a must-use for businesses. The best social platform for building brand awareness, Facebook’s intelligent ads allows businesses to target niche audiences, based on gender, geographical location, job title, age, even if they just returned from a trip or have recently “Liked” a particular company’s Facebook page. One thing to be aware of is that the engagement of teenagers on this platform has fallen 10 percent in the past year, likely having to do with the increase of parents using Facebook. If your target audience is Generation Z, you’ll want to look more toward Instagram (or even Snapchat) to successfully engage them!

Frequently used on a daily basis by its users, Twitter is widely regarded as the second-most recognized social platform. But remember: Twitter is fast-moving, and your posts can get buried very quickly in this environment. A positive is that users tend to follow brands that they are interested in more here than any other social space, because they feel like they’ll be missing out on vital information if they don’t. In general, users on Twitter who follow brands are seeking up-to-date deals, special offers and the latest news, so rather than using Twitter to just push generic articles talking about how great you are, try including any deals that you have going on, as well as quick quotes and humorous pictures—Twitter is an environment where you want to start a conversation, not just push a few tweets for the sake of tweeting. Brainstorm ways that you can capture attention quickly!

New Call-to-action

A self-declared professional social network, LinkedIn is the oldest social platform, with a majority of its users aged 35 or older. Though less engaging than other platforms, LinkedIn is the only one of its kind—a community of professionals, groups and businesses whose goal is to network and build a thriving professional environment. LinkedIn requires a lot less upkeep than some of the other social platforms, so it doesn’t make much sense to NOT have a functioning, up-to-date business page here. They are also increasingly trying to strengthen their content sharing features, so being a part of its growth should present great potential growth!

A really good blog environment will increase your online visibility and community engagement. Having a successful blog allows you to grab the attention of potential customers with valuable content, educate them on niche topics, and, hopefully, turn them in to subscribers and clients. It’s important to have a good mix of content for potential clients, for instance: an independent travel agent might begin with fun posts about dream vacations to engage potential customers; a NYC moving company might start with some fun, free moving apps; a small business lending broker might help business owners by putting out an article on some reasons to apply for small business loans; and a merchant processing company would benefit from blogging about all the ways small businesses could save money by switching to their services, including best credit card processing strategies.

No matter your line of work, producing solid, valuable and engaging content in a blog environment will allow potential customers to see your site as not only a product to purchase, but a community where they can learn something new!

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Morey Publishing Helps Launch Mayava Capital Small Business Lending Platform

Mayava Capital Morey Publishing
Morey Publishing added Mayava Capital, a premium alternative lending brokerage platform, to its roster of clients.

Morey Publishing, parent company of the Long Island Press, recently added another client to its roster.

Mayava Capital is a premium alternative lending brokerage platform that matches small businesses seeking financing with high-quality lenders in the United States. Alternative lending has grown exponentially over the past several years to meet a growing demand for small business financing in America. Known also as marketplace, or peer-to-peer lending, alternative funding’s impressive growth can be attributed in large part to the congressional restrictions put in place following the global financial collapse of 2008 and 2009.

Many are familiar with some of the larger players in the alternative financing arena, such as Prosper, Lending Club and OnDeck; the latter two companies recently went public, and Prosper is likely to do the same in 2016. The staggering growth and success of these companies has led to an explosion of new entrants into the marketplace lending industry.

As a result, the face of small business and consumer lending has changed dramatically in the past five years, with automated application and credit decision tools taking the place of traditional underwriting and human interaction.

Mayava Capital was founded to assist borrowers who have been frustrated by red tape and higher borrowing criteria thresholds. The website mayavacapitalfunding.com was established to provide useful information to prospective borrowers, and help them navigate the sometimes-confusing world of online lending and alternative finance. The core of the platform is based on complete and total transparency with respect to borrowing online. There is no cost to apply for funding, and the commission structure is clearly and plainly stated.

Morey Publishing is a digital marketing and strategic advisory firm based on Long Island. Its clients include Competition BMW, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Hofstra University, American Organic Energy, Pieper Bar Review, A-1 First Class Moving & Storage, MerchantPro Express and Alure Home Improvements, among others. Morey Publishing was founded in 2002 when it launched the Long Island Press, an award-winning alternative news publication that went strictly digital in 2014.

Increasing Profitability: 7 Cost-Saving Strategies We Learned From Our Clients

Morey Publishing
Morey Publishing

Here at Morey Publishing, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many great companies and excellent entrepreneurs who’ve taught us how to increase profitability in this challenging economic climate. From them, we’ve learned many cost-saving strategies that we’d like to share. Call it our way of paying it forward!


From Adam Schwam, the chief operating officer of Sandwire Corporation, we’ve learned the cost-saving benefits of Voice Over the Internet Protocol, aka VOIP. You plug your phone into the Internet and you’re connected, that’s how easy it is.

“As a matter of fact, you can plug the phone in any Internet connection, even in China,” says Schwam. “It makes no difference, and it works as it’s here on Long Island, without delay.”

To change your service, you don’t need to go to the phone company and jump through hoops, he explains. For example, by just going to the website, you can easily reprogram your phone. Schwam has his office phone set up so an incoming call can be displayed on his own cell phone wherever he is, his office phone as well as his assistant’s phone, in case it’s an important call and he can’t pick it up himself. Likewise, he points out, you could program outgoing calls to use your office number in case you prefer to keep your cell phone private.

“You don’t have to run telephone wires everywhere when you have this system,” Schwam says. “It goes right into any place that has the Internet. One wire. When you want to replace the telephone system, you don’t have to do any rewiring. You just plug it in.”

The connectivity options can make a huge difference on the bottom line. In an instant, separate offices can be interconnected. You go to one place, plug in your phone, and it acts like an extension, as if you’d just stayed put.

Another advantage to VOIP is that it enables your cell phone to function with your laptop to create a portable office, enabling assistants in the field to stay in touch as they work on an outside project, for example. All you need is Wi-Fi.

Schwam says the VOIP technology was developed more than a decade ago but recent developments have made it faster and more affordable, particularly because Internet bandwidth has become so much cheaper compared to traditional telephone service. Now you can get as many lines as you need, when you need them. Plus, a handset may break, but the phone system won’t. If your office loses power in a storm, for example, you can go plug your phone in somewhere else and go back online. Or log in from anywhere and have your business calls go directly to your cell phone. What you do is up to you. That’s the message we’ve taken to heart.


Making the shift to EMV credit cards—the new global standard for cards equipped with this innovative technology designed to authenticate chip-card transactions and cut down on fraud—is the right way to go. Embedded in each EMV, which literally means Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is a small, metallic square that is actually a computer chip. Unlike the traditional magnetic stripe on the credit card, this new chip creates a unique transaction every time it’s swiped, making it harder to duplicate if the card were stolen because it would be denied.

EMV won’t prevent data breaches but it will make life more difficult for crooks who get their hands on these new cards. So the switch is on and increased security is the goal. The national deadline for businesses to install smart-chip readers was October 1st.

[Download the free eBook “What Merchants Need To Know About The New Credit Card Processing Liability Regulations & How To Be Compliant: Post-October 1st EMV Deadline” HERE]

That heightened protection is a plus for customers and retailers, alike. But, as we’ve learned from Joseph Doyle, a partner at MerchantPro Express, retailers might also want to examine their merchant processing fees because that’s a great way to save money.

Visa and MasterCard take a look at “every single credit card in the market place” and come up with rates and fees for each one, explains Doyle.

“If you’re a merchant and you take 100 different credit cards a month, that’s 100 different rates and fees,” he says.

As a result, processors are being charged a certain amount for each account and they are charging their customers. According to Doyle, there’s a good chance you are on a certain pricing structure, and not even be aware of it.

Merchant Pro Express can look at our credit card processing statement and see where we can save money based on what the financial industry calls basis points, a unit of measure defined as one hundredth of 1 percent that enables them to compare interest rates.

As Doyle put it best, “It’s all about basis points.”

And he should know.

Too many small businesses today are still carrying legacy debt on their books that is very difficult to refinance. Thanks to our association with direct lenders like PowerUp Lending Group’s Jay Kirchner, we’ve learned how to tip the balance in our favor.

“As a direct lender, we’re able to make decisions quickly and provide answers for small to medium-size businesses that have been shut out of traditional banks,” Kirchner says. “At PowerUp, we have carved out a great niche as an industry leader in the direct lending space by providing loan consolidation options for our clients.”

We’ve been able to roll up our existing loans into new loans with more comfortable payback periods, and that’s enabled us to concentrate on what we do best.

Change Up Your Insurance

When’s the last time you bid out your business insurance? Good question, and we can thank James Harnett, senior vice president at The Whitmore Group, Ltd., in Garden City, for posing it to us.

“There are always new carriers getting in and old ones getting out,” Harnett says. “It’s good to test the marketplace.”

Of course, insurance carriers like to put a premium on continuity and staying power, but he recommends doing your due diligence every two to three years by perhaps contacting two or three other carriers besides the one you’re currently with. Why? First, of all, you “keep your carrier honest,” he explains. If your present carrier likes your account, and you get a competitive bid lower than what you’re paying, you might be able to negotiate a reduced premium.

But since no two insurance policies are exactly the same, Harnett points out, you have to weigh cost and quality.

“Coverage counts,” says Harnett. “Balance them both.”

And some coverage out there, as he notes, “is not worth the paper the policy is written on.”

Here’s something else to consider, Harnett advises, how your insurance carrier handles your claim. If you’re happy, go for it.

“When you see the policy working,” says Harnett, “that’s what can really sell the insured.”

But as he’s taught us, there’s a lot that goes into it.

“It’s not just price,” he says.

And that’s something every business should learn when it comes to considering their insurance.


Domenic A. Casillo, the president of TradeWorks in Kings Park, taught us the modern value of the ancient barter system, one of the oldest forms of payment.

“We help our members use leverage to create buying power,” says Casillo. “How they create that leverage is based on their cost of goods.”

He explains that when you’re a member of TradeWorks, you don’t have to do a direct one-on-one trade. Instead, you can accumulate trade credit and use it to obtain what you’re after.

“It’s a lot harder to find two people who need each other’s services,” Casillo says. “It’s a lot easier to find somebody who needs somebody’s services and then that person needs somebody else’s services and so on and so on.”

Now five years old, TradeWorks has more than 400 members on Long Island, with services ranging from plumbing to accounting and so much more it’s mind boggling. And that’s not all.

“We go outside our initial system and deal with people throughout the country to give our members other opportunities,” he explains. For instance, he did a deal with a company in Pennsylvania that bought a lot of exercise equipment from one of TradeWorks’ Long Island clients. In exchange, he hooked up a member with a hotel room, a hot air balloon ride and a winery tour.

Typically, TradeWorks helps facilitate the transactions, as well as making sure that everybody is getting a fair deal.

“It’s a great way to use leverage to create more buying power and also to expand your market share by introducing your product to people who wouldn’t normally work with you,” he explains. “That’s the beauty of it!”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Monthly Financial Reports

Our accountants, DeFreitas and Minsky, CPAs, made us realize how too many small businesses see their accountants only once a year just to get their taxes done, and they lose out on the cost-saving potential of consulting with their accountants much more frequently, either monthly, quarterly, or every six months. No question it’s been a huge benefit.

“We changed our business model about 25 years ago,” says Manny DeFreitas, “dedicating ourselves to meeting and communicating with our clients as much as possible. Visiting the clients at their place of business is by far the most effective. We get to see then in their comfort zone and see the operations firsthand.”

He says that the clients who see them monthly have been the most successful.

“We normally prepare monthly financials that we review with the client in their office,” DeFreitas explains. “When there is a question, someone is there who knows the answer or can find it.”

The frequency is important, he stresses, because that means the financial information is most up to date.

“If the financial information is not timely, it is futile,” DeFreitas explains. “Our outside eyes look at things differently from the business owner. This is obviously a very important and powerful tool for the client.”

It’s certainly worked to our advantage.

Cloud Computing

Not too long ago Gerard Hiner at Webair Internet Development, Inc. convinced us to consider the cloud instead of hosting our software and website in house. Redundancy and connection speed are two of the factors he helped us consider when we enlisted his company’s services.

“Cloud computing enables companies to realize significant cost savings compared to hosting their infrastructure, software and websites in-house,” Hiner says, “mitigating the need for large capital expenditure investments, and server and system maintenance, software licensing and upgrade expenses, and power and cooling costs.”

Hosting our system in a state-of-the-art facility like Webair’s NY1 datacenter also allows for increased reliability, low latency connections and personalized service that a company like ours simply cannot get with hosting providers located thousands of miles away.

And in a hurricane prone region like ours, there’s another benefit, as we found out firsthand.

“Webair’s NY1 datacenter is the most redundant facility on Long Island, so there is no fear of costly downtime in the event of a disaster, power or hardware failure or data corruption or loss,” says Hiner.

That lesson not only saves cost, you might say it’s also invaluable.

Strategic Alliances

In the new economy, Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union, has given us a lesson in the new math: 1 + 1 = 3. That’s right, with the right combination, the sum can be bigger than the parts. Kordeleski, now the CEO and Founder of Kordeleski Consulting, a national consultant in the credit union field, is a big proponent of the benefits of strategic alliances.

“A lot of the work I’m doing with both small and mid-sized companies,” says Kordeleski, “is to look at shared services, which are basically the backroom operations: accounting, HR, legal services, marketing, things that are essential for companies to be successful.”

As Kordeleski sees it, too many small to midsize firms “try to do it all themselves by hiring people who aren’t as skilled because they can’t afford them. Our strategy for these folks is to put their work together where they have like businesses and to help them find ways to consolidate those backroom operations into things that are more professional, quicker to market and more cost effective.”

The goal is to produce a winning combination.

In our case, we forged a strategic alliance with Bethpage Federal Credit Union to further the Best of Long Island promotion.

“That is a great example of putting together two organizations that have a common interest in business on Long Island and creating a brand that works,” says Kordeleski. This partnership enabled us to use our skills and broaden the image of Bethpage as a community-oriented financial institution with a unique engagement at the local level in a wide range of enterprises.

In his new consulting role, Kordeleski is helping businesses learn how to profit from those shared savings, in other words: to invest those resources rather than let them lie dormant. Whether these savings come from improved digital expertise, faster speed to market, market expansion, or just being more mobile across more channels, the idea is to reach the consumers who are the ones ultimately making the decisions about your products and services.

“Use the money you save from operations that don’t add value to your company but have to be done,” advises Kordeleski, “and put them into parts of your company that can make it grow and enable it to compete in the future.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. But then, we’ve learned from the best.