Pieper Bar Review Question of the Day Starts March 1

Bar Review Question of the Day

Law school graduates had their legal knowledge put to the test this February when they took the bar exam. All the endless hours spent reading legal material, listening to class lectures, writing essays, and taking practice test after practice test came down to just two days and one exam.

Pieper Bar Exam is now looking ahead.

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It’s time to think about the Uniform Bar Exam this coming July—the first administered in New York (as well as Washington, D.C. and Vermont). Luckily for anyone taking the test this summer, Pieper came up with yet another strategy to help students study for the bar exam.

Pieper is committed to preparing its students for the bar exam through its intensive bar review course, comprised of informative-but-interesting lectures, writing workshops and tutoring sessions, and it will be offering a new resource beginning March 1, 2016 called the Question of the Day.

By signing up for Pieper’s Uniform Bar Exam Question of the Day, subscribers are emailed bar exam questions that they can answer to the best of their ability and access the answer along with a comprehensive explanation as to why the other choices are incorrect. Consequently, subscribers have the opportunity to not only obtain a clearer understanding of legal material, but get a better idea of the types of multiple choice questions that have been included on the bar exam before.

The Question of the Day is a great way to constantly stay engaged in your bar review without having to be glued to a textbook. Each morning you can start your day by answering a question. Because it’s only one question rather than an entire practice test, you won’t need a ton of time to answer either.

Since your day will probably consist of reviewing anything and everything law-related, this could also be a good motivator and help get you in the right mindset—whether you get the question right or wrong. Answering correctly exhibits your readiness for the bar exam and shows that you’re on the right track to passing. Answering incorrectly, on the other hand, may be disappointing, but alerts you to topics you’ll need to brush up on, or to improve the way in which you approach multiple choice questions.

Preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam is a full-time job that requires your undivided attention. It’s stressful and time-consuming, but completely worth it. Pieper’s Question of the Day is a helpful tool to ensure your bar exam journey ends in victory.

Bar Exam Question of the Day

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