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Alure Home Improvements Hosts 4th Annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show

Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show
Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show showcases the latest in home remodeling and design trends August 6 & August 7!
Sponsored Content Brought To You By Alure Home Improvements

Everybody knows that Alure Home Improvements “goes to extremes to build your dreams,” but next month they’re going back in time to take you on a journey.

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The occasion is their fourth annual summer remodeling fashion show on August 6th and 7th, where they’ll be showcasing decades of home design work and highlighting the latest trends in products and styles. Enjoy live cooking and wine seminars, free food from Felico’s Catering, complimentary beverages, an arts & crafts tent for kids, a bounce house, and much more, including presentations, prizes and workshops.

To add to all the fun, designers will be on hand wearing period costumes as they demonstrate looks from the turn of the 20th century, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1960s and beyond. Alure Home Improvements promises an inspiring weekend for all who attend, whether they’re contemplating a major home project or just want to learn what’s hot and what’s not, and understand how our home interiors got the appearance they have today.

“Everything you could possibly imagine we try to cover in terms of style and practicality,” says Gina Bonura, Alure Home Improvements’ custom kitchen and bathroom manager. “There will be designers on staff here the whole weekend. We welcome people to talk with us, and we’ll be happy to discuss their projects with them with the time we have.”

Interested guests can sign up in advance for free 15-minute imaging sessions to talk about a range of home-remodeling topics.

“We’ll have people there demonstrating the products we offer in roofing, windows and siding,” says Michael Gervasi, director of sales, exterior division.

Gervasi says that Alure Home Improvements participates in the Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred warranty system, which “is probably the best on the market.”

They’ll also be touting the merits of Marvin Infinity Replacement Windows with Ultrex Fiberglass that are “eight times stronger than vinyl,” Gervasi adds.

Alure Home Improvements Summer Remodeling Fashion Show
Alure Home Improvements’ Summer Remodeling Fashion Show returns August 6 & August 7 with all the latest home remodeling trends and designs, along with free admission, free seminars, free BBQ, and plenty of fun and activities for the whole family!

The Oasis 2600 Sunroom from Ohio-based Joyce Manufacturing will also be on display—an all-season, insulated, high-performance sunroom with a clean, finished look without any visible screws or fasteners, and electrical raceways that conceal the wires and cables.

“It’s one of the better products on the market,” Gervasi says.

Another new material in home remodeling is Celect Cellular Composite Siding by Royal, which boasts wood-grain aesthetics, low maintenance, long durability, and structural integrity. Made with PVC, it has the appearance of fiber cement board but it doesn’t have the headaches, because it doesn’t absorb water or crack. Nor are there nail head holes, because it’s seamless. Celect is quick and relatively easy to install. The factory-applied finish comes with a 25-year warranty.

“This is good stuff,” says Gervasi.

Learn More About Alure Home Improvements

While materials have evolved, some modern designs still evoke their roots, according to Bonura.

“For instance, in the 1940s they had those big cast-iron farm sinks, and those are very popular today,” she says. “We’re going to show what they looked like in a 1940s kitchen and how those influences are being felt today.” The current versions aren’t made from cast-iron; they’re stainless steel or copper, but they have the same functionality of the large farm sink.

Back in the early 1900s, it was still the era of the coal stove. The latest advance in cooking features the induction range, which uses magnetism to deliver the heat.

“The nice thing about induction is that because it’s magnetized, there’s no flame or heat source,” says Bonura. “If a child touches the stove top, it’s not hot.”

Another new technology gaining in popularity is the built-in convection steam oven.

“There’s no microwave, no radiation,” she says. “It’s all steam. It actually replaces the moisture in the food and makes such a difference in reheating a bagel, or last night’s takeout.” But, she concedes, “You still need the microwave to pop the popcorn!”

If you want to see what your home will look like with Alure’s 15-minute interior or exterior design-imaging session, you should email Alure a photo of the front of your house, the kitchen, or the bathroom in your current home. To RSVP, email remodel@alure.com or call 888-772-5873.

Alure Home Improvements’ 4th Annual Summer Remodeling Fashion Show runs Saturday, Aug. 6, and Sunday, Aug. 7, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Alure’s Showroom, 1999 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554.

Transferring From Community College: Important Things To Know

Transferring From Community College
Transferring from community college to a four-year institution doesn't have to be stressful, or difficult.

The world has changed a lot in the last four decades. Back then, Americans who graduated with a college degree made up less than 30 percent of the workforce—which is remarkable when you consider how ubiquitous a post-secondary education is today.

In 2010, college-educated workers held 59 percent of jobs, and that number is likely to grow to 65 percent by 2020, according to a Georgetown University study titled “Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020.”

College Match Quiz

These numbers indicate that the far majority of employers are interested in hiring college grads who’ve dedicated several years to learn and master their craft—whether that’s becoming masters in communication, marketing, earning a business degree, specializing in finance, health services, healthcare, journalism, or whichever other industry young professionals have chosen to excel within.

For many, however, the journey to working professional can take many turns. High school students are instructed at a very young age to consider what they want to do with their lives—and it could be an incredibly difficult decision. What if you’ve expressed interest in multiple fields, but can’t quite narrow it down? And on the other end of the stick, what if your future career hasn’t manifested itself yet? Then what do you do?

Transferring from community college to a four-year institution is a common step in many college students’ journeys. There are countless such schools to choose from, though typically, students enroll in those closest to their homes. On Long Island, these include Nassau Community College, Suffolk Community College, and Queensborough Community College.

There are significant benefits to first attending a local community college and pursuing your associate degree, then your bachelor’s degree at a larger university.

According to the most recent statistics from the American Association of Community Colleges, 45 percent of all undergraduates in the United States during the Fall 2014 semester were enrolled in a community college. That means almost half of the United State’s entire college population chose to start off locally so they could conceivably earn an associate degree at low-cost before continuing their education at a larger private university or public four-year college, such as Hofstra University.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose community college, and just as many considerations to weigh when students are deciding whether or not to transfer colleges. Perhaps they went away to a four-year school and the campus just wasn’t the right fit, so they transfer back home. Maybe they missed home, their family, childhood friends, and loved ones. Perhaps they longed for that good, old-fashioned home cooking! Transferring home has some pretty significant benefits!

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Whatever the reason, the only thing that matters is what you do when you get there and how well you plan for eventual enrollment in a four-year school so you can proceed to the next stage in your collegiate journey. Planning is important, because, as the stats suggest, 71 percent of students who transfer from a community college to a four-year secondary school graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

And many students choose to transfer to Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, located 25 miles from New York City, and home to an award-winning faculty and dedicated schools and colleges, with a wide range of diverse undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree options, and more than 100 dual degree programs.

When a student enrolls in a community college, the most important thing to consider is whether the credits you’ve earned will easily transfer over to a four-year college such as Hofstra. And that’s important, because nobody wants to spend all that time and money and have it all go to waste if the college you’re interested in attending doesn’t accept those hard-earned transfer credits.

How to transfer colleges? Hofstra has long-standing agreements with three neighboring community colleges that make transferring from Queensborough Community College, transferring from Nassau Community College, and transferring from Suffolk County Community College easy. Known as articulation agreements, these special relationships essentially guarantee that a community college student’s credits will transfer to Hofstra as long as specific stipulations are met, such as earning the requisite number of credits needed to be eligible to transfer.

Articulation agreements also serve as a guide to help students navigate their academic and career path. For example, a Nassau County Community College student interested in studying business can take a look at the college’s agreement with Hofstra’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business to figure out which courses they should take to ensure the credits will transfer. These courses are called transfer equivalences, meaning that although prospective students took the course at another college, Hofstra will accept these credits, anyway.

It’s crucial that students meet with an advisor at their respective community college and get a better understanding of articulation agreements. If you’re interested in transferring to Hofstra, then it’ll serve as a guide all the way through graduation.

Another tip is to research whether the college you’re interested attending after community college has a team dedicated to all your transfer-related needs. It turns out Hofstra has its own Transfer Student Center, and a staff dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition

residential moving guide

It’s also important to take into account campus life. Transferring “home” to Hofstra and living on Long Island—in close proximity to Manhattan and also beautiful beaches—has many benefits. Hofstra students enjoy intimate classrooms and a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, which allows students to have a more personal relationship with their professors. Whether to live on campus or commute is another question to ponder. There are benefits to each!

Remember, community colleges are more than just a springboard to a more worthwhile education down the road. These are institutions that care deeply about their student body and their community and are well-suited to help you transition to a larger university, where your academic and career dreams can be fully realized!

Transferring to Hofstra University from community college is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Schedule a visit to meet with a transfer specialist and embark on the next stage of your academic and career journey, or Apply Today!

Getting To Know The Uniform Bar Exam

Pieper Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam
Pieper Bar Review prepares law school graduates for the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)!

This July, the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) will be held in New York for the first time. It’s important to find out what this means for New Yorkers, and those in other UBE states.

The Uniform Bar Exam was first developed in 2011 by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Rather than testing examinees on mostly state-specific information, the UBE takes a different approach, evaluating their knowledge on universal legal principles.

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What is the UBE comprised of?

Three separate tests make up the UBE, and they’re administered throughout two days. This includes two Multistate Performance Tests, six Multistate Essay Exam questions, and one Multistate Bar Exam, which consists of 200 multiple-choice questions.

Is the UBE replacing the New York State Bar Exam?

Yes. In May 2015 it was announced that the February 2016 New York State Bar Exam was going to be the last of its kind and a new UBE would be the exam going forward. New York’s decision followed the actions of a long list of states, including Missouri, which was the first to adopt the UBE for its February 2011 administration. Next in line came Colorado (February 2012), Arizona (July 2012), Utah (February 2013), and New Hampshire (February 2014).

Even though New York decided to adopt the UBE less than a year ago, other jurisdictions have moved more quickly since then to make the switch. Kansas, New Mexico and Iowa, for example, just held the UBE in their states for the first time this past February. When New York conducts the exam on July 26 and 27 of this year, Washington, D.C. and Vermont will administer their first UBEs as well. South Carolina and New Jersey will administer the UBE beginning in February 2017.

Bar Exam Question of the Day

Does this change matter?

The switch from state-specific to general may not necessarily make much of a difference in how law graduates study for the UBE, because they’re going to be reviewing most of the same material they would have covered in their states’ previous exams, yet overall, the ever-growing adoptions of the Uniform Bar Exam is considered a game changer.

In New York, 70 percent of the UBE covers the same information as the previous New York exam. The information pertaining to a specific jurisdiction will still need to be reviewed, because several states also require lawyers to pass other courses or tests along with the UBE in order to meet the criteria for admission to the bar.

Here in The Empire State, examinees must now pass the UBE, as well as the New York Law Course and the New York Law Exam, perform 50 hours of pro bono service, and meet character and fitness requirements.

What’s going to be different is the UBE’s score portability.

This new flexibility will make it significantly easier to practice law in more than one jurisdiction, because rather than taking three different bar exams for three jurisdictions, only one is necessary. Someone can take the bar in one UBE state and transfer their score to another state, as long as it also administers the UBE. A passing score, however, may vary, depending on the jurisdiction.

The highest score on the UBE is 400. The passing score in New York is 266, but some jurisdictions require different results. For instance, 260 is considered passing in Alabama, but not here. So, failing the UBE in one state doesn’t mean you failed them all. Exams would only have to be retaken if test-takers didn’t get the required score for the jurisdiction where they wanted to practice law.

But it doesn’t matter where you take the UBE.

You can transfer your score, as long as the jurisdiction where you sat for the exam and the jurisdiction you plan to transfer it to both administer the UBE. If the jurisdictions differ, then you have to adapt accordingly.

As July approaches, law graduates in New York will be preparing for the newly reformatted bar. By then, maybe more states will have decided to adopt the UBE as well. The future is moving in that direction.

Now is the time to prepare for the UBE!

Here are some helpful tips for studying for the UBE, as well as the Pieper Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Question Of The Day! Subscribe today!

Inside Tips On How To Become A Travel Agent

Morey Publishing InteleTravel
Anyone can earn money by becoming a work at home travel agent with Morey Publishing client InteleTrave!

Here at Morey Publishing, we’ve had the opportunity to work with an impressive roster of clients.

We’ve also had the ability to take an in-depth look at their businesses and the amazing products and/or services that they offer their customers.

work from home travel agent

One such client is InteleTravel, the world’s original at-home travel agency.

Have you ever thought about creating your own business? Or possibly just earning some extra cash?

Or even better, do you have wanderlust in your soul? Do you dream of journeying to faraway lands, tasting exotic cuisines and earning cash while fulfilling those desires?

The beauty of InteleTravel is that you can make your personal travel agent business whatever you want it to be. Whether you’re looking to create a full-time career, have a part-time job, or start a new hobby, you can customize your InteleTravel goals to fit your lifestyle, your schedule and your needs.

InteleTravel is full of dreamers—and they want to watch your dreams come true as you fulfill your global quest and turn it into an equally rewarding exploration.

Through InteleTravel you can become a work from home travel agent, earning a commission on any travel that you book for your family and friends.

How to become a travel agent

As an InteleTravel Agent, you can:

• Connect with fellow travel agents.

• Help loved ones plan trips.

• Travel the world for education.

• Be your own boss.

• Travel for less.

So you’re probably wondering how to become a travel agent.

We’ve got the answers.

Here’s how you can change your whole life in 4 easy steps:





And it’s THAT simple!

We love having clients who offer such unique and exciting opportunities for their customers. InteleTravel doesn’t disappoint in the realm of refreshing career paths, and we love them for it!

Morey Publishing is an award-winning web design, digital marketing and lead generation agency located in Syosset, NY that can revolutionize your business. Contact us today!

Spa Week Pampers Long Island With Soothing $50 Deals April 11-17

Spa Week Long Island
Spa Week's $50 treatment deals return to Long Island April 11-17! [Photo Credit: Spa Week Facebook page]

In anticipation of Spa Week, a national initiative when local spas offer discounted rates, some of the Morey Publishing staff were assigned the very tough job of experiencing spa treatments so that we could report back to readers what to expect.

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Beverly Fortune and Danielle Esposito checked out the luxurious spa at the Viana Hotel & Spa, while Jaime Franchi hopped over to Dr. Buglino’s office in Woodbury. The treatments—a facial, a microdermabrasion, a body scrub, and a massage—were all different, but all equally relaxing and enjoyable. If you’re in the market for luxurious pampering, Spa Week offers discounted treatments so you can spoil yourself.

Go ahead. You deserve it!


If you haven’t already had a chance to stay at the Viana Hotel on Broadhollow Road in Westbury, you are missing out on a beautiful experience.

This Long Island treasure is the only hotel here that is LEED-NC Silver-certified and includes state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly features, especially its Zen-inspired day spa and full-service salon.

This oasis of luxury is one of the best kept secrets on Long Island. Not only can you get first-class spa treatments, but as a guest of the spa you are encouraged to use the other hotel amenities, such as their sauna and steam room, hot tub and lap pool.

Veronica, the spa manager, was extremely gracious. After I’d expressed an interest in the steam room, by the time I changed into my spa robe and slippers, she had the steam room ready for use. (As a green hotel, they are very conscious of energy consumption.)

The steam room was heaven, and I promised myself that the next time I’m there for a spa treatment (and yes, there will definitely be a next time) I’ll pack a bathing suit so I can swim a few laps.

The Viana is offering a few Spa Week specials, a facial, massage and body care, so you can try something from each of their specialties:

• $50 Spa Week Viana Signature Facial (normally $90). All facials last 50 minutes, include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and a condition-specific masque. They also include a moisturizing hand and arm massage with heat mitts.

• $50 Swedish Relaxation Massage (normally $95). Licensed massage therapists customize their services to your needs and use hot towels to keep you calm, rejuvenated and relaxed. All treatments are 50 minutes.

• $50 Viana Shea Butter Body Scrub (normally $95). A pure and natural conditioning body scrub, leaves your skin smooth and glowing. A lavish application of natural Shea butter cream is the icing on the cake. This treatment is also 50 minutes.

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I chose the Viana Butter Body Scrub. Wow. My esthetician, Danielle, was amazing. I got undressed and laid on a heated bed and was scrubbed from head to toe with this delicious smelling exfoliating salt. After I was covered in scrub, Danielle turned on a heavenly hot shower and left the room so I could shower in privacy as I rinsed off the salt and exfoliated skin.

It was a rejuvenating experience. I could have stopped there, my skin felt so soft. But there’s more! As I showered, Danielle changed the sheets and after I finished towel drying, I again was on the nice, warm bed.

This time, Danielle applied a rich, warm Shea butter cream that smelled absolutely like heaven. It melted into my skin. When she was finished, I was glowing from head to toe. Not greasy at all, it was refreshing to have summer-ready skin.

I’ve decided this is the perfect, must-do treatment for every change of season and I will be back at the end of the summer for my next body exfoliation, prepared to swim, steam and sauna for a few hours of pure relaxation and pampering. But not before I try their signature facial and massage!


The moment I walked into Viana Hotel and Spa, I was enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that immediately made me feel not only comfortable, but instantly relaxed.

Viana Spa’s receptionist, Veronica, was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. She walked me through the eco-friendly, beautifully decorated spa and made sure that I was completely taken care of.

After dressing in a fluffy robe, I was greeted with a glass of bubbly and a beautifully crafted dish of melon balls and chocolate covered strawberries. Everything was so delicious that I contemplated ordering some strawberries to go!

Since I arrived a little early, I was invited to try out some of the spa’s peaceful amenities. An intimate lap pool and whirling hot tub were surrounded by plush lounge chairs, clean towels and two of my favorites: a sauna and a steam room. I stepped into the sauna first, letting the warmth wash over me and prepare me for the intensity of a good steam. After spending some time in the sauna, I made my way to the steam room and could actually feel both my pores and my muscles love me for it.

I highly suggest spending some time unwinding with these amenities before your spa treatment—they get your mind and body fully in the zone for the pampering that awaits you.

My licensed masseuse, Christina, found me when it was time for my appointment: a Swedish Balancing Massage.

As an avid CrossFitter and obstacle course racer, I’m always hurting and aching to some capacity. Christina not only asked me in-depth questions about any soreness or body pains I was having; she also recommended and executed the right amount of pressure for my (many) knots and sore muscles.

The massage was perfection and Christina was magic. My 50-minute session allowed me to feel more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time, and I promised myself multiple times on that table that I would dedicate at least a massage-a-month program into my life.

They are just too good not to! If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest paying a visit to Westbury’s Viana Hotel and Spa.

Experience the zen-like oasis for yourself. Be transported in to a world rich with soothing sounds, calming colors and a friendly, hospitable staff that will ensure every moment of your time there is pure, tranquil bliss. I promise you’ll thank me later.


The office of Dr. Anthony Buglino is warm and inviting. Temporarily located inside an obstetrician’s office in Woodbury, patients immediately understand that this spa treatment is a medical procedure. However, for those for whom plastic surgery is a foreign concept or who are used to bathrobes and the quiet tinkling of Enya in the background, rest assured: The Hydrafacial is a relaxing, rejuvenating, and non-invasive experience.

The kicker? This facial has a more intense, lasting benefit than anything you can get at a day spa. That’s because this computerized facial is customized to every single individual.

My facialist, Dana, has over 10 years of experience owning her own spa in Manhattan before working alongside Dr. Buglino. She was able to assess my skin type, problem areas and exactly what I needed. She entered the data into a computer and boom—my high-tech facial began.

Dana warned me that it could get pretty wet—it was a hydrafacial after all—and she was right. The first part of the six-part facial was a medical-grade exfoliation serum designed to remove all of the dead skin cells from my face. It was applied via a handheld electronic device that served to deliver more comprehensive results than soft cloths could.

work from home travel agent

That same device, with a different head, was used for the next step: the vortex peel—a combination of glycolic and salicyclic acids that worked like a peel but without any harshness. Then came the extractions, which in all honesty I usually dread. Because it’s usually painful. However, because the hydrafacial is done with the electronic tool, it delivers amplified results without any pain at all. It simply applied the exclusive beta-HD serum and cleared away all of my impurities. Of which there are many.

I was now primed for the good stuff. Dana applied vortex boost and vortex fusion which fully hydrated, moisturized, and purified my skin, leaving it taut and toned, dewy and—yeah I’ll say it—younger looking. My husband noted the glow on my face as soon as I arrived home with an armful of products I was instructed to use to maintain my healthy, newly beautiful, fresh face.

Thanks Dana!


There is nothing as rejuvenating as microdermabrasion and a professional facial. You see immediate results and so does everyone else. I was totally convinced that I would get first-rate service when I entered the premises.

Everything is top-shelf, just beautiful. My instincts proved me right. Olga, my aesthetician, was extremely professional and had gorgeous, natural-looking skin.

First Olga evaluated my skin, and I mean really looked at it. I’ve had facials before where you get a nice facial massage, a mask and then you’re on your way. Not at Vita Ageless Medical Aesthetics.

After my skin evaluation, Olga began the microdermabrasion, a skin resurfacing treatment that uses a stream of micro-crystals projected onto the skin and then instantly vacuumed away. This procedure removes dead and flaking skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and renewed. It improves skin tone and when done in a series, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars.

When the microdermabrasion was complete, warm steam was wafted onto my skin and then Olga gently cleansed any remaining “dust” from the procedure and began extracting any clogged pores. She was gentle, but I knew that she was getting it done. She applied a warm compress to my face and then applied a gel-based collagen mask.

As the mask worked its magic, Olga began massaging my shoulders, neck and upper arms with warm oil and hot stones (my favorite). I don’t know how long the mask was on because I felt like I was in heaven. After she removed the mask, she applied facial oil and massaged it into my skin. When I was finished, I looked in the mirror and loved the way my skin looked! I didn’t need any foundation or blush, I was rested and revived.

This high-end day spa is definitely on the must-go-to-list for Spa Week!  The treatment was first-class, as was the staff and surroundings. Grade-A all the way.

Here is a list of Long Island spas that are participating in Spa Week. Check out www.SpaWeek.com for full details, all treatments are $50 from April 11 to 17.

Blue Salon and Spa

Bocu Salon and Spa

Body & Skin Care by Tamara

Buglino Plastic Surgery

  • Signature HydraFacial
  • 10 Units of Botox
  • Lymphatic Drainage Treatment for The Face

Center For Pain Relief & Wellness

Deep Blue Med Spa at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group – Babylon

Deep Blue Med Spa at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group – East Hills

Deep Blue Med Spa at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group – Garden City

Eastern Breeze Nail & Spa

Fantastic Spa

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa – Rockville Centre

Hands on HealthCare Massage Therapy and Wellness Day Spa

  • Ahhh Spa! Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage with Facial Refresher Masque, Hydrating Hand Wrap
  • You Glo Therapeutic Facial or Body Scrub with Peppermint Foot Scrub and ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ Herbal Infused Scalp Massage

Joseph Christopher For Beauty & Wellness

Laser Plus Spa- Bellmore

LaVida Massage – Smithtown

Lord & Taylor Salon & Spa

nu glo medi-spa

NuZen Spa

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Cleansing Facial with High Frequency Treatment
  • Organic ‘Milk + Honey’ Sugar Body Scrub

O Spa
Orange Skye Body & Beauty Bar

Purity Spa

  • Wild Orange Massage with Coconut Oil and Wild Orange Cocktail Infusion
  • Vitamin C + Cranberry Facial with Buff and Hydrate Hand and Foot Scrub

Red Door Spa – Bellmore

Red Door Spa – Garden City

Red Door Spa – Woodbury

Red Door Spa at The Garden City Hotel

  • Spa Week De-Stress Body Treatment
  • Spa Week Facial
  • Spa Week Pedicure with Choice of Gel Polish for Toes or Paraffin Hand Treatment

Red Hots Spa

Smooth Generation Skin Rejuvenation Spa

Somatic Massage Therapy

The Medical Spa Of Brian D. Cohen M.D.

Viana Hotel & Spa: Signature Viana Facial with Botanical Products, Shea Butter Body Scrub

Vita Ageless Medical Aesthetics

Experience the soothing, cleansing power of all that these health and beauty spas have to offer at Spa Week!

Spa Week. SpaWeek.com April 11 – 17.

Study Practices To Help Law Students Pass New York’s First Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

Pieper Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam
The New York Bar Exam will be replaced by the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) in July 2016. Pieper Bar Review shares some tips and practices to help law students prepare for the upcoming Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)!

New York has officially adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, or UBE, which means the individual state bar exam will be no more. Anyone looking to become a lawyer in The Empire State will now have to take another exam starting in just a few months.

The switch from state-centric exams to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is considered a game-changer for law students.

Stay at Home Mom Job Opportunity

So, with New York’s first UBE taking place in July 2016, most of your days from here on out are going to revolve around preparing for the exam (and also trying to figure out what exactly the difference is between the N.Y. bar exam and the new Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)) so you can pass and embark on your legal career.

Luckily, Pieper Bar Review—home to bar exam experts who have helped students pass the bar since 1975—explains the best bar study practices to employ when studying for the bar exam.

  • Practice Using Real Bar Questions

It’s one thing to read the same material repeatedly—and that can help you retain the information—but what’s even more effective is taking practice tests and answering past bar exam questions to quiz yourself and make sure you understand what you’re studying. In addition to reiterating the work you’re doing, taking a look at real questions from the bar can help you better prepare yourself for what the test will be like; sometimes it’s not what the question is asking, but how it’s being asked.

To help law students prepare for the upcoming July 2016 Uniform Bar Exam, Pieper Bar Review has launched the convenient, free, UBE Question Of The Day, whereby subscribers will receive a brand new study term each morning via their smartphone or computer!

Bar Exam Question of the Day

  • Register For a Bar Review Course…

Another major piece of advice that students should follow is to register for a bar review course. There you’ll have instructors with you every step of the way through the preparation process, guiding and teaching you the material in a detailed, but comprehensive way, that will assist you in terms of understanding fundamental concepts and propositions for the exam and your future career, no matter what legal field you end up in.

It’s the instructor’s job to make you feel comfortable with the material, but, it’s only in the truly remarkable bar review courses that you’ll be able to utilize the lessons after the UBE is over and done with.

  • …With Friends

It can also be helpful to take a review course with some of your classmates or friends so you’ll be part of an automatic study group where you can ask each other questions and review the information you learned in class. Sometimes someone might have a different perspective than you on a case, for instance, so hearing what they have to say and why they came to the conclusion they did will only help you better understand the law.

  • And Actually Show Up

While it’s important to take a review course, you have to do more than just show up to class. Make sure you are always mentally present.

In order to get the most out of the course, get to class—or watch the sessions online if you do end up missing a couple—and pay attention, write thoughtful notes, and do the work. It’s not going to be an easy few months, but it will be worth it once you pass the UBE.

  • Then Figure Out Your Optimal Study Time

Lastly, determine what time of the day would be best to study. This isn’t easy, especially if you’re both working and trying to study for the UBE, but figuring out when you can focus on the course material will significantly increase the effectiveness of your study time. Be sure to create a schedule beforehand as a means to stay organized.

Once again, Pieper Bar Review has established a helpful and easy-to-use Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Question Of The Day to help you on this all-important quest! Subscribe today!

Deciding Whether To Transfer Colleges: Facts, Figures & Other Considerations

Transfer Colleges
"Should I transfer?" It's a question countless students considering whether to transfer colleges ask.

Should I Transfer Colleges? Choosing whether or not to transfer is a decision many students ponder, but can be easier to make if they consider certain facts and statistics.

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It’s that time of the year—temperatures have risen, spring semester has ended, and college students are considering whether they should transfer schools. With fall admission application deadlines fast approaching, countless college students are contemplating the idea of leaving their current institution to attend another that better suits their needs. Yet, a significant portion of those students may not be quite ready to click “send” on their applications.

A Little Hesitation

Reasons abound as to why students may be hesitant to transfer. Some students interpret their dissatisfaction with their current school choice as failure or defeat. Others may hesitate because they anticipate social isolation in an unfamiliar college or university.

Students who enrolled in colleges away from where they grew up may miss their family and friends. They may miss the good home cooking. They may simply yearn for all the familiar pleasantries and creature comforts associated with transferring home.

Not only are transfer students anything but failures, they are also not alone. Every semester, an infinite number of students ask themselves “Should I transfer colleges?” “Do college credits expire?” and “How do I transfer college credits?” While some may conclude it’s best to stay where they are, others decide to take that step forward and search for success elsewhere.


The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), an organization that informs students who are looking to continue their education after high school, compiled a 2014 State of College Admission Report, which concludes that there are more transfer students than you probably think. (Team Morey includes several transfer students, one whom transferred from Nassau Community College to Hofstra University, utilizing one of its transfer-friendly articulation agreements. What is an articulation agreement? A special arrangement between schools that maximize your transfer credits!).

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The NACAC cites the National Student Clearinghouse—a nonprofit organization that conducts research on educational trends and patterns—which in a 2015 report found “About one-third of the 2.8 million students who began postsecondary education in Fall 2006 had transferred at least once in the following five years, and almost half (46 percent) of students who completed a four-year degree in 2013-14 had enrolled in a two-year institution at some point in the previous 10 years.”

This indicates that in recent years specifically, the number of college transfer students versus non-transfer students is pretty split down the middle. Some students even transfer more than once before they earn their bachelor’s degree.

The report also discusses NACAC’s 2013 Admissions Trends Survey, which reveals that 44.4 percent of institutions saw an increase in transfer applicants throughout the past five years and 37.6 percent saw an increase in enrollment.

Additionally, the number of students transferring from community colleges, or two-year schools, is about the same as from four-year schools.

“Admission Trends Survey respondents reported that, on average, transfer populations on their campuses were roughly evenly divided between students who transferred from community colleges and those who transferred from other four-year institutions,” the report notes.

Although transfer students have to adjust to their new surroundings, the NACAC points out that more often than not, transfer students finish their studies and earn their degree—associate or bachelor’s degree—just as other non-transfer students do, specifically when it comes to transferring from community colleges.

The report refers back to the National Student Clearinghouse, stating that 60 percent of students who first attended a two-year school and then transferred to a four-year school earned a bachelor’s degree. Some even continued their education, earning advanced degrees, as well. This exemplifies how transfer students can be just as successful as those who do not transfer.

Just because some students follow a different path than others doesn’t mean they’re incapable of thriving in college or in their post-college careers. When contemplating transferring colleges, you should decide sooner rather than later, however. It’s also important to weigh some of the related options when making such a decision, such as whether you should live on campus or off campus as a transfer student.

Running through a list of other helpful transfer tidbits in a Transfer Student Checklist can also prove beneficial in advising this all-important decision. Beginning your research early can help ensure a smooth, easy transition to the college of your dreams!

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Uniform Bar Exam To Replace New York Bar Exam This July

Uniform Bar Exam
The New York Bar Exam will be replaced by the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) beginning July 2016.

The New York Bar Exam will be replaced by the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), beginning July 2016.

This change means that applicants must pass this new exam if they want admission to the bar in New York. They will also be required to take an online New York law course and pass a multiple choice exam with 50 questions specific to New York law, according to the New York State Bar Association.

Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

The decision to phase out the New York Bar exam was announced by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of the Court of Appeals in his Law Day address on May 5, 2015. The judge had originally proposed that the first UBE be administered last July but the State Bar Association’s delegates sought an extension to study the matter further and hold public hearings.

Come July, New York will be the largest of 16 states requiring applicants to pass the Uniform Bar Exam.

In his announcement, the chief judge said the transition augured “a new era of licensing lawyers to meet the challenges of our global world.”

An advisory committee on the UBE, appointed by the chief judge and chaired by the Honorable Jenny Rivera, associate judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, heard from attorneys, academic law professors, law school deans, bar associations and other groups before releasing its report recommending the adoption of the new exam.

One of the questions that had to be resolved, according to State Bar President Glenn Lau-Kee, was deciding how much New York law the applicants should still have to know.

“We raised a lot of concerns about the importance of testing on knowledge of New York law,” said Lau-Kee in a statement. “Our big issue continues to be how to make sure that new attorneys are prepared to practice law in New York—both for the protection of the profession and the protection of the public.”

Studying for the bar exam can be time-consuming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Pieper Bar Review’s Question of the Day is a helpful, fun resource to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready to succeed.

Bar Exam Question of the Day

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Morey Publishing Explains the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Morey Publishing
Morey Publishing explains the benefits of social media marketing. It's sorta like a box of cookies!

In this day and age, if your business isn’t utilizing social media (in the right way), then you’re missing a very important piece of the marketing pie.

And we aren’t just talking about having a Twitter or a Facebook account that’s barely been updated or monitored.

work from home travel agent

We aren’t talking about Tweeting out a couple of blog posts and calling your work done.

With social media, you either have to be all in or you’re seriously missing out.

Think about it: It’s called social media for a reason.

The entire point is to be social.

By definition, the word “social” means relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other.

Let’s say you’re attending a party, a social gathering. You walk in with a box of cookies. Rather than telling the other guests that you brought a box of cookies, you just quietly place it on the table, along with other delicious desserts, and go about your way. Sure, you brought something to the party, but you definitely weren’t being social.

Now let’s say you attend the same party with the same box of cookies—but this time, you let everybody know you brought them. Maybe you just slip it into some conversations. Perhaps you tell your friends about the awesome cookies you got from that awesome bakery that they need to try. Maybe you take the initiative and offer to get a cookie or two for somebody because you know they’re going to like it. By going out of your way to be social, more of your cookies will likely be eaten than if you simply plop the box down in the hopes that it will stand out among all of the other desserts on the table.

Social media marketing is a lot like going to that party with that scrumptious box of cookies.

You can’t just create an account, add a few posts here and there, and then think that people are just going to find it on their own. Sure, maybe somebody will stumble upon it (we have one particular Morey Publishing employee who’s notorious for sniffing out free food), but posts on social media get buried in a matter of seconds, so if “plopping” tweets, pictures or videos without true promotion is what you do, then you might as well do nothing at all.

Social media is a buzzing community. To truly get the type of response that a business needs to thrive in this competitive market, the business must have a voice. It needs to follow others, respond to comments, add relevant hashtags, engage in conversations, be funny, be witty, be inspiring, be social.

How to become a travel agent

In general, the entire point of social media is to create brand awareness and increase traffic. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, the top two benefits of social media marketing are increased exposure and traffic—with 90 percent of marketers citing an increase in exposure as a result of their marketing efforts, and 77 percent reporting increased traffic. Another 69 percent use social media marketing to develop loyal fans.

And that’s what businesses have to remember, and have to embrace. Widely exposing their company to a larger audience will undoubtedly increase their traffic and create loyal fans. These three elements are the perfect mixture for revenue growth, brand loyalty, and customer promotion.

Take InteleTravel, for example. InteleTravel is an at-home travel agency that can train you on how to become a travel agent through amazing work from home travel agent opportunities.

Because we know that people love beautiful travel pictures, we recently launched a campaign for InteleTravel across one of the most popular social media platforms: Instagram. Not even a month in, and we’ve already seen an upswing in traffic to their website due to an increase in brand awareness through this photo-heavy digital platform. By posting beautiful destination pictures, following other accounts, and participating in the Instagram travel community, InteleTravel is increasing its brand exposure and traffic, while also making a name as an account that delivers unique imagery for the travel lover.

Remember: Social media marketing is all about being social. Without taking the time to truly build a community and make your presence known, it’s going to be very difficult to see a ROI.

But if you actually invest the time to be social, the return will follow.

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