Morey Publishing Shares 5 Ways Businesses Can Increase Their Visibility Online

Morey Publlishing
Morey Publishing shares five ways businesses can increase their visibility online!

It’s 2016—isn’t that nuts? Being super worried about Y2K feels like it was just yesterday.

According to Back to the Future 2 we should have flying cars, nonexplosive hover boards and self-lacing shoes by now. Clearly that hasn’t happened yet, but we do live in a world so digitally interconnected that people have been known to go into full-on hyperventilation mode if they misplace their smart phones. As much as some of us long for the simpler days of one phone per house, snail mail and getting milk delivered to our front door, that’s just not how the world works anymore.

Not only do we as humans have to adjust to this reality of flat screens (on everything), constant notifications, and mobile apps for just about every topic imaginable, but in order for businesses around the globe to succeed, they have to step in line and hop aboard the technology train!

A distinguished Long Island-based website design and digital marketing agency, Morey Publishing knows a little something about effective web strategies. As a company that strives to help businesses increase their visibility on the web, we thought we’d do our Good Samaritan duty and reveal some of the key findings we have acquired to help your business boost its online presence.

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Integrating Instagram into your business’s marketing efforts might not jump out as something that makes the most sense to you on the surface, but a closer look at this platform’s massive social influence and user engagement might make you think twice. As the social media platform with the second-most devoted user base (just behind Facebook), if yours is an image-friendly business (ie. travel, art, architecture, food, fashion, technology), and especially one that seeks to attract millennials, take your time creating really beautiful posts. Hitting this strategy head-on is known to deliver real results and dramatically increase brand awareness!

With over 1.4 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that Facebook remains the king of social engagement, and a must-use for businesses. The best social platform for building brand awareness, Facebook’s intelligent ads allows businesses to target niche audiences, based on gender, geographical location, job title, age, even if they just returned from a trip or have recently “Liked” a particular company’s Facebook page. One thing to be aware of is that the engagement of teenagers on this platform has fallen 10 percent in the past year, likely having to do with the increase of parents using Facebook. If your target audience is Generation Z, you’ll want to look more toward Instagram (or even Snapchat) to successfully engage them!

Frequently used on a daily basis by its users, Twitter is widely regarded as the second-most recognized social platform. But remember: Twitter is fast-moving, and your posts can get buried very quickly in this environment. A positive is that users tend to follow brands that they are interested in more here than any other social space, because they feel like they’ll be missing out on vital information if they don’t. In general, users on Twitter who follow brands are seeking up-to-date deals, special offers and the latest news, so rather than using Twitter to just push generic articles talking about how great you are, try including any deals that you have going on, as well as quick quotes and humorous pictures—Twitter is an environment where you want to start a conversation, not just push a few tweets for the sake of tweeting. Brainstorm ways that you can capture attention quickly!

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A self-declared professional social network, LinkedIn is the oldest social platform, with a majority of its users aged 35 or older. Though less engaging than other platforms, LinkedIn is the only one of its kind—a community of professionals, groups and businesses whose goal is to network and build a thriving professional environment. LinkedIn requires a lot less upkeep than some of the other social platforms, so it doesn’t make much sense to NOT have a functioning, up-to-date business page here. They are also increasingly trying to strengthen their content sharing features, so being a part of its growth should present great potential growth!

A really good blog environment will increase your online visibility and community engagement. Having a successful blog allows you to grab the attention of potential customers with valuable content, educate them on niche topics, and, hopefully, turn them in to subscribers and clients. It’s important to have a good mix of content for potential clients, for instance: an independent travel agent might begin with fun posts about dream vacations to engage potential customers; a NYC moving company might start with some fun, free moving apps; a small business lending broker might help business owners by putting out an article on some reasons to apply for small business loans; and a merchant processing company would benefit from blogging about all the ways small businesses could save money by switching to their services, including best credit card processing strategies.

No matter your line of work, producing solid, valuable and engaging content in a blog environment will allow potential customers to see your site as not only a product to purchase, but a community where they can learn something new!

Morey Publishing will create a vital presence online for your company that will resonate with your market intrinsically and deliver results consistently. Contact us today!