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"This is political posturing to try to curry favor with parents who are fed up with his education reforms."

The Class of 2015 is the first to graduate without most students with disabilities having the option of a local diploma instead of a Regents Diploma.

Questions linger after state Senate majority leadership switcheroo this week.

"You can’t punish a teacher, a district, a school—without punishing a child."

"We are in the midst of a vast social experiment on the children of the nation and it is all tied to the standardized test."

"Because of our collective voices, things are starting to turn around."

If we came together to design a system that was going to segregate, it would be Nassau County."

“The moment a choice is taken away from a parent, that’s the moment when public education is destroyed. The moment when choice is taken away from a teacher, then public education is destroyed.”