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Today, Sheldon Silver got justice, and at long last, so did the people of New York."

"The last thing I wanted to do is alienate...the senator."

"I have to think about the next election," the senator told his son.

Durego said Skelos lost his temper with officials affiliated with the Real Estate Board of New York, telling the men he'd "F" them if they didn't "pony up" and donate to keep Republicans in control of the state Senate.

"He's full of shit," Dean Skelos said of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

"Senator Skelos pressured, and his son got paid. It wasn't just politics as usual, it was corrupt."

Jury selection began Monday, but ironically only a few potential jurors knew their state representatives.

A 33-point lead may not be insurmountable on a football field—unless it’s late in the fourth quarter—but it’s a very tough hurdle in a...

Speakers discuss proposed reforms in a conference room after Republicans locked them out of the legislative chamber Friday.

It's the second review of Nassau's contracting process since New York State Sen. Dean Skelos was accused illegally influencing a county contract.