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Three men have been arrested for their alleged roles in robbing business owners—one of whom was targeted a second time after a failed Uniondale...

A Farmingdale couple was bound at their hands and feet and had their home robbed Friday night after opening the door expecting trick-or-treaters but...

The suspects are on the loose.

Groups of gunmen forced their way into two separate houses last Tuesday, but police doubt the cases are linked.

Police said three men forced their way into a 22-year-old woman's home at gunpoint.

The gunman tied up two women after tricking them into thinking he was there to deliver a package.

A judge set $500,000 bail for two men who pistol-whipped an alleged drug dealer who was also arrested.

Two masked men armed with handguns pistol-whipped a woman in front of six kids.

Two teenagers were ordered the lie on the floor of their kitchen while four suspects ransacked the home.

The case marks the 13th armed home invasion in Suffolk since the beginning of this year.