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Storms, scams and deaths: 2013 local news in review.

Mark Bonilla had been convicted in July of official misconduct.

The suspect allegedly deleted more than 5,000 files from the office database, including marriage and death certificates.

Bonilla was also found not guilty of attempted petit larceny and a second count of official misconduct.

Judge Sharon Gianelli expected to issue her verdict July 25 at First District Court in Hempstead.

Closing arguments are slated for Wednesday in the trial against Mark Bonilla.

He told the court that his loyalty was questioned when the clerk allegedly asked him for private photos of his accuser.

The former code enforcer who resigned after his arrest in March avoided jail by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Former employee testified that the clerk told her he wanted her to be "flirty" at political events.

"I thought someone would take my outfit as a way to sexually harass m."