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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: A Mesmerizing Mega-Mutant Masterpiece

Besides mind-bending special effects that include cities across the globe obliterated as Magneto painstakingly disembowels Earth, the film is notable for its many insightful (and fascinating) scenes between the young mutants who will comprise a later incarnation of the X-Men. It’s an absolute joy to watch these burgeoning superheroes discover their powers, interact, and ultimately, bond.

Netflix’s Daredevil: Marvel’s Dark Side Emerges, And It’s Glorious

"This is not your average pulse-pounding comics-inspired show rife with strange masked heroes possessing otherworldly abilities. This is a show about justice."

Do This: Long Island Events August 21-27

Wings, oysters and comedians? Guided By Voices, Cheap Trick and Deep Purple!? What a week!

Ice Cream Island: Creamy-cool Treats Soothe Hot & Hungry Hearts

“It’s ice cream! There’s nothing negative about ice cream.”