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Memorial Sloan Kettering Doctor Talks Cancer Care on Long Island

We talked with Dr. Diane Reidy-Lagunes about cancer, cures, Covid, the pandemic, and efforts to serve Long Islanders closer to home.

MSK Kids Expands Pediatric Cancer Treatment on Long Island

Causing minimal disruption to the lives of children and their families is one of the goals of MSK Kids. 

Meet The Millers: Reality TV’s Next Superstar Family

Right in Roslyn, New York, in the heart of Nassau County, Long Island lives a family straight out of central casting. Precociously brilliant, they are the epitome of thinking big. Why rent a hall and give a bar mitzvah with a DJ and balloons when you can rent a mansion, hire burlesque dancers, and transform the celebration into a sepia-toned perfect recreation of the Great Gatsby era, replete with furniture handmade in the basement workshop of that Roslyn home? Why go trick-or-treating when you can lead the Halloween parade in NYC in glow-in-the-dark LED costumes? While some kids may take the initiative to collect recyclables to earn money for video games, these kids justify new routes by the local sanitation department because their undertaking became so big, earning in the five figures, and donating it to charity. Meet the Millers.