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The Walking Dead Mid-season Premier Fails to Impress

Episode 9, “No Way Out,” picked up right where they left off back in late November. Rick and other residents had covered themselves with walker guts and were attempting to escape among the thousands of walking dead unnoticed. We saw this before in season one, in the Episode 2, “Guts,” when the characters must find a way to escape an overrun Atlanta. In this season’s mid-finale, “Start to Finish,” Rick recalls this successful strategy and suggests it to the remaining residents of Alexandria.

‘The Walking Dead’ Tiptoes Through the Walkers in Disappointing Mid-Season Finale

How many times can we hear someone say, "We could really make a life here," only to be proven wrong by the onslaught of walkers, cannibals and savages?

‘Into the Badlands’: Martial Arts Drama with No Punch

Following Sunday night’s zombie apocalypse as depicted by the latest episode of The Walking Dead, AMC presented badass martial arts mayhem with its season premiere...

It’s a Wonderful Walking Dead: Zombies as Comfort TV

Suddenly, our own lives don’t seem so bad.

Long Island Man Sentenced in Girlfriend ‘Walking Dead’ Shooting

The couple argued over the hit TV show before the shooting, police said.

Top 10 Stupidest Long Island Crime Stories of 2012

Move over Lindsay Lohan, these are our local candidates for TruTV’s World’s Dumbest Criminals.