Gadhafi’s Protection: Tripoli Women’s Military Academy

Shocking actions from the tyrannical leader of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, seems expected. However, receiving protection from forty female virgins seems odd. As far as protecting himself against allied attacks, Moammar Gadhafi is a little prepared. As a matter of fact, he has taken decades to groom a highly skilled, and highly sexy, group of female bodyguards.

AOL News explores the forty armed virgins who surround him,  rocking camouflage, high heels, and designer sunglasses. Though they may sound more like fashionistas than killers, they are not. Reportedly, they are all graduates of an elite institution founded by Gadhafi in 1979: Tripoli Women’s Military Academy.

Few foreigners have seen inside its walls, but the few leaks that have escaped over the years make the three-year training program sound tough enough with 4:30am wake-ups that lead to ninety minutes of jogging and then classes centered around killing techniques.

Some of the women learn how to fly fighter jets while others are taught hand-to-hand combat. All of the women must promise to protect Gadhafi to the death, however the odd part is they must take a pass on marriage and sex. His glamorous crew is serious about their vow, in 1998 during an attack on Gadhafi by Islamic militants, bodyguard Aisha threw herself on the leader. She died in a hail of bullets; he obviously survived.