Mindy McCready: Mindy McCready’s Ex Speaks Out


gty mindy mccready htg 111202 wgAfter country singer Mindy McCready was found by police with her son hiding in the closet of an Arkansas home on Saturday, her ex-boyfriend and country singer Billy McKnight says he hopes she gets herself together for their son’s sake.

“It is my wish that this ordeal will help Mindy get back on her path so she can be a part of our son’s life,” McKnight told CNN.

Zander McCready, 5, was taken into police custody on Saturday after an Arkansas judge signed an emergency “pickup order.”

Zander is currently with the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services, who are arranging to take him to Florida to stay with his maternal grandmother, his legal guardian.

“As we move forward from this incident, please remember that everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their life,” McKnight said on his website.

Zander had been living with Mindy McCready’s parents while she battled drug addiction. She only had visitation rights.

Mindy McCready picked up her son from her mother’s house in October and asked a judge for custody because she was concerned about Zander’s safety.

But McKnight told CNN that Zander was happy with his living arrangements and there were no signs of abuse.