If I Die: Facebook App

Picture 9

Picture 9

If you die, what happens to a user’s Facebook? It leaves a user’s page off at an odd place, with no final post, no sign off. Until now.

Facebook has many cool features and now offers a post-mortem app, allowing users to post a final message to Facebook.

It’s called “if I die” and at first the app may seem a little creepy, but it’s really kind of a cool idea.

The app allows users to post one last message in the event that he or she passes on.

“What happens to your facebook profile if you die? if I die is the first facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will be published after you die,” reads the if I die profile.

“Your facebook profile can now become your ever-lasting presence in this world.”

The post works because since 2009, Facebook has been memorializing the profiles of its deceased users, once the user is confirmed dead his or her wall remains active for posting.

With the new app, users can now leave a message or post a video too, offering wise words, thanking their friends and family, sharing their secrets, asking your friends to fulfill your dream or even reminding their Facebook friends that he or she will come back to haunt them.

The way it works, users can create a video or text message, nominate three or more trustees (trustees are close members of family & friends that you trust) and once three of them report you dead, the message will be posted to your wall.

Check out the video.