Crocodile Bites Off Part Of 70-Year-Old Man’s Testicles

(Credit: Gomauri.com)
(Credit: Gomauri.com)

Jonah Maturure, 70, fought off a crocodile with his bare hands, reports The Sun.

The reptile grabbed the elderly man with its jaws when Maturure attempted to cross a river.

Mr Maturare explains to The Sun how he was able to jam his hand into the mouth of the crocodile after the reptile began clenching down on his manhood: “I was not suspecting anything. I had earlier on crossed the river using the same crossing place. But when I was almost in the middle of the river I was attacked by a crocodile. It mauled a chunk of my buttocks before attacking my manhood, tearing my testicles into shreds. The skin covering my manhood was partly torn but I quickly put my thumb in its mouth to try and choke it after realizing that I was going to lose my manhood. It then grabbed my hand and I could hear my bones cracking making some cacophony noise at the slightest bite.”

According to Maturara, he had been carrying a box of tomatoes across Zimbabwe’s Chivake river last month when the crocodile attacked.

The 70-year-old thinks the fruits are what saved his life since the crocodile was distracted after he dropped the box when the crocodile attacked him.

The stunned man transformed the reptile’s confusion into a safety exit as he dragged himself onto the river bank, dripping in blood.

He said: “Realizing that I was losing the battle, I let go of the box of tomatoes that I was carrying on my head and it fell into the river with a thud making some kind of noise. At that instant the crocodile released its grip on my hand and ran towards the noise. It probably thought I had fallen into the river and I escaped in pain, with blood flowing down my legs from the wounds where the chunks of flesh had been incised.”

Maturure was instantly taken to the hospital after the attack. He was recovering at the United Bulawayo Hospitals in Bulawayo.

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